Can U Help re woman marries shooter

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  • patio34

    Hi all,

    I heard a pc of news on the radio and wondered if anyone knew where the news article is. I couldn't find it in a quick search. It was in the U.S. and a woman was in court with a man who had shot her. Right after the trial, the judge married them.

    Anyone heard of this?


  • waiting

    Hey Pat,

    No - didn't hear about it, but believe it. Am assuming it might have happened in the South? North? East? West? Stupidity in relationships happens everywhere. Stupid woman - and she'll probably be surprised when he shoots her again, eh?

    Of course, I'm assuming that he shot her on purpose the FIRST time?


  • patio34

    Hi Waiting! It was just a blurb on the news station on the radio. Some folks are just asking for it, eh? --Pat

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