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  • Eddy256

    Hi all
    I was wondering if you could help me.
    Im not a JW but im trying to help a friend who is.
    Recently he announced to all his friends that he's a JW and many of
    them ran a mile and havnt talked to him since, the rest of us, had either
    guessed or have stuck by him because we're his friends and his religion
    makes no difference.
    My problem is that the few friends which remain dont really know much 
    about JW's and are looking for help. Ive tryed other sources and learned
    much about JW beliefs, but can find little about their meetings, he began to
    tell me about a recent group study but fell silent when we were joined by
    another friend.
    I know he's struggling with losing so many friends and i want to be there 
    for him and be able to talk to him about his beliefs as i believe he'd like
    someone to talk to.
    As ive learnt a little about the beliefs, i was wondering if someone could 
    tell me about the meetings, i know one night a week he has group study
    at a friends house which he discribed as a question and answer session,
    i also know he has another meeting earlier in the week, but know nothing
    about this, im also guessing he'll attend a kingdom hall on Sundays.
    Just wanna be able to show that im willing to listen and learn so 
    he has an outlet and doesnt feel totally let down by his friends.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • RedhorseWoman

    There are five meetings a week. The one you've described is probably the book study. It is kind of a question-and-answer session, but you need to understand that this is NOT an open discussion. The questions are posed in the particular Watchtower book that is being "studied", and the "answers" are merely paraphrasing what is written in the paragraph.

    After the "question" is "discussed" the paragraph is read aloud, and the group proceeds to the next "question". There is little to no open discussion allowed.

    On Thursdays (or possibly Fridays) there is a Service Meeting and a Kingdom Ministry School, which are basically sales seminars where preaching techniques are practiced and discussed.

    Sundays have a Public Talk, which is based on an outline provided by the Society, and a study of the Watchtower magazine. The format for this study is almost identical to the Tuesday night Book Study, with little open discussion allowed.

  • DJ


    I can only tell you or rather forewarn you that sadly, your friend will most likely stop associating with you. You will be considered a bad association unless you 'convert' to his religion or study with him. Continue researching their beliefs here and on other sites. You never know......maybe you'll be able to help your friend out of this cult. I do stress 'maybe.' I would proceed with caution though, they are a trap and a snare. best wishes. dj

  • SYN

    Question and answer?


    The correct term to describe the average Jehovah's Witness meeting is, "Recite and Rephrase"!!!

  • Valis

    The meetings are merely the forum for indoctrinating the flock. There is no open discussion and there is no real question and answer. Its all rather one sided actually. No open discussion or room for dissention. If you disagree publicly and during a meeting this will likely lead you to be given "loving counsel" from several elders. It is a no no. The "book study" is no such thing. You are required to study before hand and only think about the questions that the Watchtower Society deems as appropriate or worthy on noting. And only from thier publications. The Sunday meeting is the hour of listening to an elder who spends more time reading WTBTS litterature than ever reading the bible. Then the Watchtower magazine study, where everyone gets to answer only in the context of the magazine's content. Outside thought is frowned upon and even lessens your standing in the congregation. Some other facts that must be noted are as follows.

    No birthdays

    No holidays

    No saluting the flag

    No fighting for your country or your own rights as guaranteed by the Constitution

    No associating with family members or others that are not JWs...(this is the official party line)

    No voting

    No holding public office

    No extracirricular school activities for kids

    No blood transfusions or organ transplants

    No protection of children from pedophiles in ANY congregation

    No opinion of dissent whatsoever unless you want to get kicked out or put on reproof

    No Saturday morning cartoons cause your ass will be in field service knocking on doors peddling magazines

    No concerts

    No dancing in bars or clubs

    No dating before marriage is being considered, especially without a chaperone..

    Did I leave anything out?


    District Overbeer

  • Hmmm

    Tuesday evenings (usually) are the book study. The book study is often a consideration of a book that was published 2-5 years ago. Specific teachings may have changed since then, but it doesnt really matter. Your average Witness has no hope of keeping up with "current light" and just repeats what's in the paragraph. They are currently studying the book of Isaiah, which tells Witnesses that victims of child sexual abuse must have been raped in front of at least one other witness, or the perpetrator goes unexposed. Isaiah also prophesied that victims that try to expose their attackers should be shunned by family and friends for harming the organization's reputation.

    Thursday evenings (usually) are the Theocratic Ministry School. Students give short bible-based talks to hone their speaking skills. You'll currently hear ancient scriptures applied to modern technology, especially the Internet. It seems that when Jesus mentioned a "faithful and discrete slave" who would give his followers "food at the proper time", he was referring to the Society's media web site on the Internet.

    Immediately following the TMS is the Service Meeting. There members will be warned of the dangers of the single most powerful tool (recently supplanting television) that Satan uses to mislead Witnesses, namely the Internet. Witnesses are told not to use the Internet, not to talk about their beliefs on the Internet, and especially not to look at sites like this one, Freeminds, or the Watchtower Observer.

    Sunday is a Bible Discourse. There you're likely to hear a talk about keeping separate from the world. The United Nations, being the prophetic Scarlet-colored Wild Beast of Revelation is the most vile organization ever created by man. Witnesses are to have NOTHING to do with this or other worldly organizations. Working for the UN, even as a parking attendant to put food on the table, will result in your being shunned.

    After the BD is the Watchtower Study. There you'll read that the watchtower society was affiliated with the UN for a decade, agreeing to uphold the charter and ideals of the UN. It's OK, though, because they did it to gain access to the UN's research library.


  • RubyTuesday

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