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  • sunshineToo

    After reading the Sept. KM (many thanks to dmouse!), I wonder.

    What's the latest scoop on JWZone? Are they going to shut down? Has anyone posted there?

    Don't worry. Your identity is safe and confidential with me.

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  • SYN

    OH DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check out this thread~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some selected quotes:

    I didn't realize that there was going to be audience participation.

    That one's straight from old DanG himself, too! HEHEHEHE! When are the red flags going to go up and JWZone going to go down? Pretty soon methinks! Mind control at it's finest, this stuff!

    Toward the end of his part, he gave a personal experience about an elder he knew who was involved in a Witness chat room. Apparently, whoever was moderating the room was not as vigilant as the brothers are here, because he was influenced by an apostate participant. Within 2 weeks he was gone from meetings and out of the truth!

    It's amazing what learning the Truth about the Tro0pH can do to a man!

    Our part also emphasized pornography. However, we got the "only official Witness website is www.watchtower.org." All other "so-called witness sites" are to be avoided.

    This is like watching a train crash. All these poor Dubbies are lamenting the fact that Mamma is becoming senile and banning their supposedly "safe" association together online! HAHAHAHAH! They're hilariously ignorant! And this quote is STRAIGHT from one of the sites that supposedly should be avoided! LMAO! This would be funny if it weren't so sad!

    An elder in the other congregation that meets at our hall asked me how my sister in law was doing since she moved across the nation. I said "Oh she is doing fine, I talk to her quite a bit on the computer and we email too." He replied "Oh we have a part on that this week." rather snidely. I hadn't looked at the parts for the week so I said "On what?". He replied almost conspiratorially in a lower voice "On the dangers of the Internet." To which I replied "Well I am sure conversing with family members isn't even an issue." and said my good-byes. I wonder how their part went.

    Division in the ranks! CALL THE ELDERS QUICK! We are about to lose a few more sheeple!

    They tend to be very dogmatic, close minded, and judgemental. I remember, I was the first person in the congregation to have the internet...all the sudden you would have thought I was this unspiritual little apostate. The brother giving it (bless his heart, I love him) was extremly dogmatic and threw in WAY too much personal opinion on the matter.

    I was hesitant to even tell anyone there I was on the JWZONE...I was quicker to tell them I was on a Star Trek web sight then I was a Witness web sight. If I had told them, it would be instant heckfire and darnation for me. Them there so call witness web sights are gonna polute your soul.

    Hehe, yeah, those Dublandia sites sure can pollute your soul!

    Are there Apostates running this web sight? If there were, Ive certainly not detected it. Nobody has been trying to plant seeds of doubt in my head. And there have been times in the past where certain individuals have perhaps expressed a bad attitude or an unscriptural thought and WAM...everyone, mods included were on it!!! Scriptures, publication references, talks, illustrations, etc. The individuals here, especially the moderators, have that feel of deeply spiritual people to them.

    No wonder I got moderated

    in my old congregation, the view was "the society says we are forbidden to use the internet." arming myself with the km articles was useless... obviously we weren't reading the same km...it was even stated from the platform "you will never see the society on the internet!" (their site was already up....lol!) i made the mistake of trying to defend my use of the internet and emailing brothers and sisters...you can't reason with a rock...which is why i choose caution now...

    Those poor, poor dubbies!

    And I agree with another point you brought up...so as not to be a stumbling block to others, I keep my personal decision to participate in an online Witness discussion board to myself.

    Dude, you are already not a Witness anymore. All you need now is a little push, and you will see the Light.

    there were other sites (not db's) that really looked legit... it wasn't until one started giving the site a more than surface glance that things really began to stink...one in particular was very confusing to me...the front page said "Jehovah's witnesses are the happiest people on earth"...and when you turned 4-5 pages it said that what makes us so happy is because everyone but Jw's will be destroyed at armageddon! many on his guestbook (whose names i recognized later as brother and sisters) were signing on telling him what a wonderful site it was...and it looked good on the surface...but one or two lines here and there gave me the creeps! or quotes from the wt supporting viewpoints we didn't believe...and when i cranked up the ol cd...guess what? the article didn't exist!


    Jim... I know the PO knows that I'm active on the 'net. I 'm not sure if he knows the extent of my activities... some of the other elders do know, so I thought it might have gotten around to him.

    I honestly can't believe I used to live in fear like you do, DanG. I know you're reading this, man. Can't you see this organization for what it is? Your Tower rules by fear. Fear is what you feel. You have to hide your most passionate activity from your superiours. They will crack the whip and make you close down PLN and JWZone, which by now must be your "babies". Steel yourself, big guy, because they're going to hit you where it hurts, and soon.

    It's all Bible Based (TM).

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  • sunshineToo

    Hey, SYN! You got "moderated"? Does that mean you were once a member of the JWZone? Oh, my! I think I read somewhere that Farkel was trying to get in there, too. It'll be TOO funny if both of you guys could make it there. Oh, I shouldn't forget about the Crazy151drinker, too.

  • sunshineToo

    Actually when I started to reading "dang"'s post, I began to feel sorry for him. I don't know. His thread make me say, "Poor guy!".

  • SYN

    LOL, no Sunshine, there's no chance in hell of me ever getting onto that stupid site. Why would I want to? For the scintillating "What Colour Is Your House?" threads? Or how about the terribly exciting "Our Field Service Experiences" forum? I can already read the daily text (puke) if I want to, so what more do I need?

    Besides, they're basically just one giant Chihauhau Pack (TM) anyway. I bet I'd get flamed if I put forward my somewhat controversial views on polyamory, aluminium, air baths, UV light being good for your skin, organ transplants being cannibilism, and the fact that molested kids' parents should go to the police first! I'd be booted instantly for my heathen nature!

    From what I've read so far, I realize that a lot of the people on there are very sad examples of humanity, and are what I would've become had I stayed a Dub for very much longer.

    I was joking about the moderation bit Although I'm sure Farkel and I would wreak merry havoc were we ever to be made members there LMAO!

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