Money Left in Wills

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  • Scourge

    Just to let the WTBTS know that a couple of months ago they were mentioned in my Last Will & Testament to receive all my money, insurances, etc in the event of my death. (Some 500,000)

    Well . . . as of now you are written out of it boys!!!!!

    It will be left to some more deserving and honest cause.

    May I suggest that all you X-witnesses check your equivalent paperwork and make the necessary changes.

    . . . . and all you current witnesses, change it too as it won't make any difference to the WTBTS as I'm sure Jehovah will provide. :-)

    All the best to everyone, particularly Silent Lambs.


  • metatron

    Good work! I'm hoping countless others will follow your fine example.

    As old-timers die off and are replaced by less zealous zombies, the theocrats
    may find their wallets empty.

    I like Habitat for humanity, myself.


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