Has the org slackened on competitive sports?

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  • In_between_days

    Whats going on?

    My brother (active JW) is now playing competitive football with a heap of worldly people.

    My dad (also faithful JW) is playing competitive soccer.

    Nothing has been said about the "Lures" of competitive sport and everyone seems fine with it.

    Has the GB slackened with this dire "Consceince" issue, or what?

    Does anyone have any comments or answers?

  • minimus

    Your family is just starting to get a life. Don't tell anybody that might be stumbled----or else they'll find you.

  • blondie

    IBD, it just depends on who you are in the congregation and where you are.

    I have to say that playing competitive sports with non-witnesses is still frowned on around here. It's not the competitve part so much as the association issue. Playing competitvely with other JWs is not frowned on as much as long as the BOE doesn't realize you spend more time playing sports than in the ministry.

    Where I work, the company sponsors a golf outing that is competitive several times a year and awards cash prizes. The place shuts down. So I go and hit a few balls into the sand and the water. I'm a great putter though once I get that ball on the green.

    Elders and MS get away with more too and brothers get away with more than sisters.

    I think there is such a lack of men in the congregations today, that the BOE, CO, DO, and New York are afraid they will scare them off if they are too rigid.

    IBD, I say this, if their meeting attendance and time in the ministry falls off significantly, I think someone will say something to them.

    There are several people that are JWS in professional sports and I have never heard anyone insist they stop playing. Mark McCumber is in golf and several in basketball. Anyone know of any other JWs still in professional sports?

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