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  • Deli King
    Deli King

    I can remember sitting at the service meetings, listening to the announcements, hoping that someday we would get a letter from the WTS stating that as of Sept. 1, (anyyear) that qualified sisters would be giving public talks and conducting all other meetings. In order to qualify they would have to be Beautiful, weigh between 110- 120lbs, have a least a C-cup, free from accusation, a wife of one husband or single, free from accusation, ..

    Feel free to add all and any qualifications you see fit to enhance your idea of a woman QUALIFIED TO TEACH

    Question: Would you go back to a meeting just to listen to them? Who would you want to look at and listen to? Remember all those beautiful woman !!!!!

  • Carmel

    AAhh, after hearing Laura Engram on talk radio, I don't think so..


  • DakotaRed

    I wouldn't care if it was the sexiest babe in the world wearing a thong bikini, I wouldn't set foot in a Kingdumb Hall.

    Lew W

  • dsgal

    I don't think women will ever be allowed to give a public talk...although they will be allowed to rule over the earth in heaven.Go figure.

  • Swan

    We already have the number 3 talk. The FDS in their wisdom must know that is enough of a burden for us weaker vessels.


  • Farkel

    : Feel free to add all and any qualifications you see fit to enhance your idea of a woman QUALIFIED TO TEACH

    I don't think you need all those other qualifications. The "C" Cup part is enough of a qualification, and trust me on this: this is definitely "Bible-Based(tm)."

    And no, I do not "go beyond what is written." I can't. I don't know what is written any more than Teddie J. does.


  • SYN

    You'd have to drag my CORPSE into a Kingdumb Hall!

    You really think the Tower will ever let women speak from the platform? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  • writerpen

    This is a funny post, because I've always hoped this would happen too. I don't think it ever will though. And, I would set foot in KH just to see it once. After hearing the talk, I'd stand up like Bill Bowen and invite everyone to my church where I have been scheduled by the priest to speak before the congregation monthly since becoming a member.


    I attended public talks for 29 years, approaching each one ever hopeful that it would be the day the brother who took the platform to deliver it might have:

    • More than 7 healthy teeth.
    • Only 2 chins.
    • More than 3 combed-over hairs.
    • Smaller than a "C" cup.
    • Beyond a sixth grade education.

    As of my last public talk some 18 months ago, precious few had ever met any of my stringent criteria. I feel your pain.


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