How do you get your family back?

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  • Gerard

    I was wondering if any one you know has gotten their family back by showing them proofs of Watchtower's UN membership or Regi U.S. Inc (owned 50% by Watchtower) fabricating engines for war machines? My dear friend is about to do it and I am quite skeptical they will believe this and snap out of this shunning.



  • Pathofthorns

    The very attempt to prove the WT "wrong" often has the opposite effect than the individual intends. Usually it results in more shunning and is a confirmation that you are an "apostate".

    Sometimes you have to cut your losses and get on with living a happy life and allow their own frustrations with a collapsing religion take their toll. Dropping subtle comments over an extended period of time stretching into years might help.

    Lots depends on the person you are helping out of the WT. If they have made up their mind to stay at all costs then you are just wasting your time.


  • BadJerry

    I don't know about getting another family out, but for mine, I waited for right button to be pushed. For my one son, it was an elder's inability to explain rationally why the Bible Story Book talked about the rainbow appearing to Noah as being the first one. Every time I heard something after that, that was contradicted in the Bible, I would have him look it up. Doesn't take long for a teenager to see through lies (have to remember that when talking to him on other subjects - sex, driving, etc...). For my lovely wife (she reads all these), it was the Dateline, child abuse issue. A friend at work had loaned me Ray Franz' books, and I just left them at home after the show. She read them, and being the intellegent person she is, saw so many other things wrong with the WTS... well, the rest is our history - I'll let her tell that story (but it took less than 3 months to act). Ours may be a unique situation, but just like raising children, one "shoe" doesn't fit all. I do pray every day for EVERYONE to wake up and make real, heart and mind decisions about their continued existance behind the wathctower walls.


    I`ve got to agree with Pathofthorns,show a dub proof of WBTS corruption.Most likely they will chew their own leg off to get away from you..LOL...OUTLAW

  • Sentinel

    I can only speak from my own experience with my mom. She totally shunned me for twelve years of my life and hers, because of stubborness mostly. She exceeded the requirements, as I was not df'd, but had simply just walked away and sent letters. No announcement was made. Maybe to prove a point, who knows. I have even thought that perhaps because I "left", it was in affect making the statement that her decision to bring the JW's into our lives was wrong and damaging. She could not face that and so she had to punnish me. At any rate, suddenly, in 1992, I received a call from my father saying that he AND MY MOM were taking a trip up north and wanted to visit me. Wow! Totally out of the blue she was back in my life again. I was grateful for that. We have maintained communication ever since. She has her opinions of me, and thinks I'm doomed to die, and I have my opinions of her, a robot. We agree to disagree, and just don't confront each other.

    These days, I am satisfied just to be able to speak to her on the phone about the weather, about her menus for means, about her doctor visits, etc. Just simple, meaningless crap. She doesn't want to hear about my epiphany, nor about any type of spiritual enlightenment. She is extremely closeminded and totally borg. She won't allow me to introduce any of the subjects you mentioned. She is 78 years old, and her life is ebbing away.......

    My sister has confronted her regarding the UN deal and the SilentLambs, but to no avail. Mom says her elders tell her all she needs to know and she believes them totally.

    Usually, if a JW doubts, they then feel so much guilt that they have to "try harder". They suppress their instinctive curiosities and feel comfortable putting all their trust in "man". The blind leading the blind comes to mind here.

    I really don't believe that a person can set out to save someone else. The best we can do is to be happy and show love. Those being deceived have to come to the point of making inquiries and questioning, so that valid points can be made; otherwise, the more you push and attack, the more they pull into the safety of the organization. They live in denial.

    My heart goes out to all of my friends here who have family and friends still in. We cannot be responsible for the outcome. It is their choice.

    Love and Light,


  • jgnat

    A new poster, DJ, recently described how she got back in to her parent's lives (link here). A common theme appears to be lots of patience and love. Frontal attacks just bring up barriers.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    How do you get your family back?

    Considering the type of person my mother is...

    Why would I want to?

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