What will YOU say at Sept March?

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  • Hyghlandyr

    All you lurkers out there listen up

    The march is going to be very peaceful. There will be too many of us there that support Silent Lambs (not the organization but the actual silent lambs that it represents) to allow others to make it get out of hand. We are not going to be acting violently. We are going to walk, as Bill said, in a calm manner up to Bethel. Bill has the needed permits. He has t-shirts for any that wish to wear them. Anyone else can dress how they choose. We will be calm and restrained. We will express our sorrows to the media. We will expose the watchtower society's policies. If (yeah right) the Governing Body actually talks to us or sends representatives we will speak calmly to them. We will inform them that we are not indicting all of Jehovahs Witnesses. That there are true Jehovahs Witnesses and they do in fact abhor Child Abuse. But that they have infiltrators among their midsts and it is impossible to tell them from the real JWs. At least that is what I will say, and did say to the elders at Bowen's Appeal.

    So join us for a calm march to garner media attention for abuse victims and survivors. The more of us calm ones that are there, the more we can protest in a civilized manner.

    Hugs to all.

    nanoprobe you helped highlight this, any other things you want to add.

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  • Nanoprobe

    From Texas--- two to join you

  • Hyghlandyr

    Cool Nanoprobe. Hopefully we might have 3 coming from Yahoo chat. At least one besides me. Maybe my sister. If mark and robert (they are friends who went with the vigil in may, never jws at all) and besides kids, that might make as many as ten thus far. We will hope and see.

  • SYN

    Good luck friends. This hamster will be there in spirit, even though he may be sleep due to the time-zone difference

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