Anti-Aging News: Blueberries

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  • metatron

    Over at Yahoo/Health, they have published a study strongly suggesting that a cup
    of blueberries a day may help brain function in the aged. This is the second study
    on blueberries I've read - and if I had eaten more of them, perhaps I'd remember
    what university did the preceeding study! (It began with a T and the researchers were
    so impressed, they started eating them everyday!).

    It's because of the potent antioxidants in them. There is also some evidence of benefit
    for bilberries, but that might be more anecdotal.

    step by step, we're getting closer...


  • LucidSky

    Like everything else 'they' say, I'll bet in a few years it will be "blueberries may cause cancer".

    Actually, growing up BooBerry was one of my favorite cereals. I guess that don't count!??

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    In the New System,blueberries will never die,and they`ll be able to pet lions..LOL...OUTLAW

  • Undecided

    I love blueberries! My daughter buys them for me when she sees them on sale. I remember back in the 40s when we were on our way to the Cleveland, Ohio convention we stopped on the road and my brother and I walked into this field and picked blueburries. I don't get them too often now though.

    I think the "Children" book was released at this assembly, although I could be wrong as it might have been "The Truth WIll Set You Free". Not enough blueberies eaten over the years.

    Ken P.

  • Valis

    I can see metatron now...he scans the room with his bionic eyes for his blueberry shake...*L* thanks metatron. For all you smkoers out there pay close attaention. The antioxidants are a must if you wanna stick around.

    OUTLAW...uh no the immortal lions will most likely eat the immortal more eating meat remember? *L*


    District Overbeer

  • DJ

    I remember reading that blueberries are a powerful anti-viral agent. The research done in Canada showed that crushed blueberried destroyed 100% of polioviruses within 24 hrs., even when the berries were diluted 10x. The researchers credited tannins in the fruit with killing the microbes......and they taste good! dj

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