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  • wonderwoman77

    Today at work, they hung up signs for their cultural diversity seminars they have every 3 months. Well I am at this internship for 12 weeks, so this is the only one I will be exposed to, and guess what it is about. Jehovah's Witnesses and the new stuff with them and blood. I kinda wanted to go and see what the scoop is, but it is only offered 11 to 12 and I do not get lunch until 12-1. Oh well. I will let you all know if I learn or hear anything...

  • Faraon

    Why don't you switch lunch times with other workers?

  • BeautifulGarbage

    "Cult"ural diversity. So, they teach people about them? It is done by JWs themselves?

    I wonder if they have Q & A time? That could be fun, eh?

    BTW ((((WW77))))

    Good to see ya


  • mann377

    Down load chapter nine of Ray's book form the internet (it's free) and hand copies to all !!!!

  • AjaxMan

    Cultural Diversity??? organized by JWs???

    That's an Oxymoron. What do they know about Cultural Diversity when to them their religion is right while the others are wrong and also that people outside their religion are not friends?

  • wonderwoman77

    No it is not done by JW's, it is done by the hospital. As a therapist, I have a set lunch time, all therapist have lunch from 12 to 1 so there is no one to switch with. So that would not work at all, but i wish i could.

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