Mental Illness among high-up JW's?

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  • Trotafox

    I just found this on the site listed below and was surprised by the statement in bold underline. Does anyone know about this who could give more info?

    Interestingly, although comments to the effect that "JW's are the happiest" were at one time commonly made, they have not appeared in Witness Publications, to this writer's knowledge, in a number of years. Evidently, the Witness Society is more aware of the high mental illness rate among Witnesses. This is not surprising in view of the fact that a number of very prominent Witness Officials have become severely mentally ill, including several branch servants, many members of the Society's former legal staff, and even several members of the board of directors....

    This is not a bad site either:


  • Dia

    Thanks for the posts. Some comments regarding the first one:

    That name, Havor Montague is familiar. Wonder who that is. Looks like the article was published in 1977, so those 'recent' observations may no longer be that?

    There are so many trivial gramatical mistakes in the article I suspect it was never published anywhere (an editor would have caught most of them).

    Still, it was great reading. Thanks for sharing it.

    I look forward to your findings.

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  • Europe


    It doesnt surprise me at all, as many J.W. are very depressed But ofcourse they will never admit it! while still active!

    Ask them f.i. about suicide rates and he/she will immediately tell you they have the lowest rate!!!

    Take care,

  • Trotafox

    You're welcome Dia.

    After I posted this, I thought perhaps I shouldn't have because some that have had this problem are no longer in the Borg and may be posting with us. I wouldn't want to offend anyone. I just thought perhaps some may know whether it was true that there are some individuals in those positions who suffered from this problem. It would verify that the problem is not just with the R&F.


  • Dismembered


    You look exactly like a CO's wife I used to know, Stunning resemblance

  • Trotafox

    Dismembered: Stunning? Gee thanks. That's nice.

    A CO's wife? Trust me. NEVER.............

    (My apologies to any female on this board who is in that unfortunate position. )


  • JanH


    That name, Havor Montague is familiar. Wonder who that is.

    Jerry Bergman (insert appropriate list of titles here). He used that name on his publications while still a dub.

    - Jan

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