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    Agrughhhhhhh wrong name!!!!

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  • Cassiline

    With the amount of abductions that happen every year and the recent kidnapping that have garnered worldwide attention. I thought I would post this for some of you who may not be aware of this program or in areas where its not offered through school's or police departments.

    Each year I have had my children fingerprinted and photographed at their school or the police department. To have the information available readily along with picture, weight, height and fingerprints may save valuable time in case of emergency.

    I believe this program is a benefit if the unimaginable were to ever happen to one of our children.

    You may order the free kit/s below to assure you have vital statistics readily available.

    Child Watch was formed in 1992 to help prevent abductions through distribution of our Kidguard Safety Program. This program provides safety rules and FREE photo / fingerprint ID cards for parents to have of their children.

    Over the years, hundreds of thousands of children have received safety rules to help teach them how to recognize and react to potentially dangerous situations.



    PS forgive if this is a double post.

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