my logo for silentlambs

by izobcenec 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • izobcenec

    what do you thik?

  • scootergirl

    Hmmm.............a red "x"...........creative, but I don't think it will fly! LOL

  • mikepence

    Very minimalist. Perhaps a bit too postmodern.

  • mikepence

    Okay, let's have a contest.

    If you are creative, go ahead and make your own silentlambs logo.

    (This is unofficial and not sanctioned by silentlambs...but Bill will love it, trust me.)

    The winner (we will have a poll to pick a winner) will get a free full length sweatshirt (courtesy of me) with the logo on it, and can tell their grandkids that they designed the silentlambs logo. Assuming, of course, Bill likes it and uses it.

    BTW, Bill prefers silentlambs to be all one word, no caps.

    Have at it, you creative geniuses!

  • seven006

    What specific size are you looking for here? Do you want a size for a shirt and another for interactive media? Do you want 72 ppi for web and 300 ppi for print or both? Do you want specific PMS colors for print or are you planing to do a 4 color separation? Do you want specific web colors for a GIF. format or will a JPG work? Do you care if it is vector or pixel based art?

    Have you run this by Bill?


  • scootergirl

    Cripes, only question was "can I use all 16 colors in my box of crayons?"!

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