I Write Some Poetry Myself

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  • marion_nett

    I've enjoyed Frenchy's poems so much, I thought since this Forum seems to have hit a lull, I might share one that I wrote several years ago when my 17 year old son left home (and the "Truth") - and broke my heart.

    He is a very bright and introspective young man, a “poet” heavily into Dylan, Lennon, and all those anti-establishment heroes of – oddly enough – MY generation.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Minstrel Song

    Where are you now, O Minstrel Son -
    Child lost in the Wisdom of Youth?
    Is there yet a hint of your presence
    Still lingering within that Dylan-esque spirit?

    Poet, Philosopher, Tunesmith -
    Born a generation too late;
    Reincarnate 60’s child -
    A “rock” and an “island.”

    Cuddle with me again just once -
    Babble meaningless childwords in my ear;
    Savor the joys of an innocent babe a while longer
    Before you go off to slay Life’s Dragons -

    (They will await you -
    They know you are coming.)

    Whisper to me once again the song of a firstborn’s love before you go;
    Remember kindly the yesterdays of your youth,
    They too had meaning -
    Your poet’s heart is shaped of those who have touched you
    Throughout your journey to this unknown destination.

    The love of a firstborn I have reserved for you alone;
    Only you can lay claim to it.
    Never doubt its power;
    It can overcome all obstacles, however great they may be.
    It cannot be quenched even midst the ravages of fire and drought
    It awaits you - knowing your growth will come full circle.

    Then your minstrel song will be complete.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    As a footnote, I might add that he has matured considerably and now, some 6 years later, we see him often and have fallen into a very comfortable relationship. He is publishing a poetry magazine in a college town about 100 miles from here, is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and has developed into a very fine young man.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Now I am doubly awed. Your poetry is lovely, Marion.

    Keep this up....you two may give me the courage to post a couple of my children's stories.

  • Seven

    Marion-I salute you! That was excellent.

    Rhw-Let's see those children's stories.

    What a talented group we have here on this board!

  • Frenchy

    Marion, that was great. I love it. The overall theme is carried through very well and the phrases are packed with meaning. There is a feeling there that can be felt holding the words together. I know how you felt because my son left us when he was eighteen. Two years later he returned. He lives with us still, is unmarried but has girlfriends. I love him dearly.

  • thecrushed

    I wrote some lyrics for a song I haven't written the music to yet. I hope it moves at least someone here.

    Screaming into silence trying to hide from myself.
    Hard to stand up when you’re changing the balance
    You know you’re my whole world and a sword through the heart
    When you look at me that way.

    So why don’t you say what you wan to to say
    it’s all I black serenade and dried blood stain
    This love is killing me but it’s hard to resist

    Animal passions and wild hearts burn
    Candle light is dancing in the shadow
    Red wine and the scent of your pillow
    Telling me you are crazy over me.

    I wanted to believe that the rage is gone
    but it’s clear that your screaming in silence
    Just like me, Just like me
    no use to go onnnnnn like this
    Just makes me wanna ruuun away
    come on baby give me one last kiss
    the way you had me, I was blown away

    *I'll make a thread for this one when my 24 hr quota is up :P

  • thecrushed

    Your poem is awesome by the way. I can see your talent and work put into it. Great JOB!

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