Why Jehovahs witnesses have it wrong.

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  • sleepy

    It doesnt take much analytical posturing when looking in retrospect at what are increasingly difficult positions of religious conviction, to see that the direction taken by the parties involved in governing the publishers and individuals involved that constitute the quasi religious organisation of Jehovahs witness are not in sequence with nor do they in principle touch the cornerstones of contemporary thinking and rational logic.

    Consequently the reaction to the typical agenda of the said ruling party and its effect to the alienated from membership of that group can be said to inflame the righteous indignation of all who have come into opposition to the obfuscating blanket of self-belief represented by the non elected members of that ruling group.

    In plane terms , relying on a self contractually envelope of authoritarian leadership results in a malignant tumour the like of which can not be remove by mechanical nor medicinal methods.

    If only the language used to harangue the subjects of so called theocratic conflict was not so guarded in dappled wording and opaque analysis, then and only then could the luminosity of integrity and reality shine dazzlingly.

  • Sentinel


    I appreciate your well written thread.

    Even now, I look back and wonder, how in the world did I allow those people to have so much control over every aspect of my being.

    ...I consider myself a loving, rational person, and yet...for so long, they had me under their spell.

    Once I got on the outside, I began to see everything for what it was....ugly and distorted...and even then, the "pull" was still there...the fear and guilt.

    Just thinking.....wouldn't certain governments like to be able to control the masses in such a way? Makes one think about the future possibilities of such control, even in the borg. What purposes they could they use all these faithful Jdub robots for? Very scary.


  • HomebutHiding

    As I learned in last semester's writing class, when trying to deliver a point via the written word, less is more. HbH

  • Farkel

    : In plane terms



  • You Know
    You Know

    What? Are you brushing up on writing gobblee-gook nonsense? / You Know

  • wasasister

    "in plane terms" or "in plain terms"....this post was neither.

    Sorry, I think you were trying to say something profound.

  • sleepy

    I notice in these replies a certain confluence of opinion , which when confederated on brings about a certain fanaticism that borders on fusilladeic rattling.

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