The watchtower

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The watchtower.

    Once there was a man who lived in a village where some villagers kept some of the ancient things. And he always wondered why these villagers had kept the ancient things, because they didn't appear to use them - besides, he thought less of the villagers because of the way they lived - they simply shouldn't have had them he thought.

    And it had been said by all that God had a desirable treasure, so he determined that he should have this desirable treasure - deep inside he even believed he deserved it more, so he set out to find it by looking in the writings of the ancients.

    As he proceeded, he started to come under the spell of the ancient writing, and he started to believe that the ancient things must have been meant for him, of course, and not for the villagers who had wasted what they had - he came to think that the ancient writing spoke of him. Although the secret to the treasure in the spell of God was hidden in plain sight, the spell was very powerful indeed, penetrating the depths of human hearts - able to confuse even the wisest people in the land - it always made the children giggle to see such a wonder right before their eyes.

    So he looked at the ancient writing, and not seeing, he made his own stories up; and he looked at the ancient writing and not, seeing he made his own stories up; and he looked at the ancient writing not seeing he made his own stories up!

    Now under his own spell, he had become so sure of the worthiness of his effort that he made claim he was to receive the treasure of God, and though he had not found the treasure, the stories he made under his spell drove him onward.

    Meanwhile other people who had heard about the wonderful treasure heard him going about, and they heard him call, " I have found the way to the treasure. It is over here, so come right now because the time is at hand " Being concerned and even afraid to miss the opportunity they came and listened to his stories of the ancient secrets. As the people listened to the stories that he had made, they agreed how the villagers had been wasteful, and they came also to believe that the wonderful treasure was now as good as theirs.

    But time passed and then he died - some became sad from the waiting, but, saving face, his most loyal followers joined together to build a tower from where they could see the wonder coming, or those who would threaten their belief, and also so others could see and believe them, for their purposeful industriousness - in time they even agreed to hold onto a single type of language which they could teach to anyone new, and put them to work - building the tower - with tall and hard walls.

    Whenever the wonderful treasure seemed lost or far away, followers would tell the new stories from the tower and explain how if the tower was still there and being fortified, so too the treasure must be still coming - as they were under a certain kind of spell, this seemed to work. But as more promises came and went unfulfilled and the new stories were fanciful and more numerous, the people became more suspicious of the tower.

    Now, unwittingly, they were trapped in the tower that they had helped to build! Even if they managed to break the spell and leave the tower, how could they get the others out? By now, the builders had even been hiding what was going on inside - they loved that tower because they had built it, so they hated anyone talking down their tower.

    Then some angels were sent to confuse their language - and just as suspected, they sacrificed them like little lambs - confusion and disagreement is underway.


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  • Bang

    Confuse their language.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Good idea - I've changed the ending. Check it out. Thanks.


  • Kenneson

    Sounds like the leaning Tower of Brooklyn.

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