Gov signs NEW Illinois Reporting Law Today

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  • Amazing

    The Illinois Legislature passed a new law requiring Clergy to report cases of child abuse, neglect, battery, sexual assult, and molestation to the police. The law is fairly comprehensive, with one tiny exception, that anything learned in religious "confession" is still exempt. While disappointing, this is a step in the right direction.

    Non-Confessional Scenario: Child or parent complains to the Priest, Pastor, or Presiding Overseer, or Elder about a member who sexually molested the child, and that automatically mandates that the clergyperson MUST report the abuse.

    Confessional Scenario: If the molester goes to his Priest, Reverend, Rabbi, or Pastor and confesses in the religious setting of a confessional, then the Priest is NOT required to report, but may report.

    JW Elder Scenario: If the molester goes to a JW Elder, this could be dicey, because the JW religious setting has confessional levels prior to setting up a Judicial Committee. Also, the Watchtower Society disavows having a Clergy class, and therfore, they may risk more civil suit action if they try to play this shell game, because the civilized society will not let them get away with this.

    Regardless, as each State champions new tougher reporting laws, increase the times on the Statute of Limitations, and broadens the basis for civil suit and increasing the scope of liability, then eventually the religions that tend to shield pedophiles, such as the Watchtower religion, will be forced to get some Divine revelation and change, or be sued out of business.

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  • ashitaka

    Good stuff, and good news!


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    The priest may be allowed legally to report it..but will the Church allow him to repeat what he hears in "Confession? (Not to up on the Catholic religion)

    Golden Girl....

  • ISP
    anything learned in religious "confession" is still exempt

    That may not apply to dubs. They do not have the rite of 'confession' as such.


  • Bang

    No clergy - what a joke.

    But if they insist - then no 'rite' of confession either.


  • outnfree


    Do you have a link to the new statute so that those of us in non-clergy-reporting states can hold it up as a recent example to our legislators? Thanks.


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