Daily Tao

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  • gsx1138

    All the world is merry as a holiday
    or as if climbing to a vista in spring.
    I alone seem listless and still,
    as one without desire -
    like an infant which has not yet smiled;
    dejected and forlorn, like one with no home.
    All the world has enough - and more.
    I alone seem to have lost everything.

    My mind is that of a fool,
    lost in a cloud of indiscerning.

    People on the street are bright and knowing.
    I alone seem in the dark.
    The people are sharp and discriminate.
    I alone make no distinctions.
    I drift about, at sea, with nowhere to rest.
    All the world has a goal.
    I alone seem aimless and unable,
    like a rustic new to the city.

    I alone seem different from the world,
    because I value the food of the Dao.
    -- Laozi

    Much deeper thoughts than Jack Handy.

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