These Expression, where did they come from?

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  • Sadie5

    Wait on Jehovah. Don't run ahead of the organization. The Truth. Don't bring reproach on Jehovah's name. Spiritually weak. Jehovah's organization. Governing body. Body of Elders.

    Are they based on the Bible? If so what scriptures? When were these terms introduced into the JW vocabulary. I threw out all my WT stuff so I can't look anything up.

    Can you think up any others too?


  • stichione

    They're obviously cult-like expressions which are used to indoctrinate and intimidate people into submission. These expressions put emphasis on the Governing Body (GB) and the WTS, and words such as "Jehovah's Organization" don't really refer to God but to the WTS/GB. The word organization does not even appear in the Bible. I guess these terms were conceived and introduced into the religion during the Rutherford and Knorr eras.


    since becoming an apostate heathenish at that I have been working on my own language like trying to clean it up 4 one thing...((((hugs))))) to all.. LINDA LOU aka QUEENIE

  • musky

    sadie, "the truth".

    This expression is in the bible.Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the light.

    the witnesses just apply this term to the organization instead of Jesus.

  • razorMind

    "Watch your associations." "Do we watch our associations?" "Buying out the opportune time." "Fleshly sisters/brothers." "The 'Friends'." "The marriage due." "I was an 'opposer' ." "The new system."

    Is "fleshly" even a WORD?

    I'd like to know where they originated, too. Because I find them all very stupid.

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  • AGuest

    Dearest Sadie... may you have peace!

    You ask where certain expressions come from. May I respond? Thank you!

    Wait on Jehovah.

    This is a misapplication of the words at Micah 7:7, where the prophet was talking about his attitude while undergoing persecution and injustice, while Israel suffered under the tyranny of FALSE prophets and bad shepherds and as a result had alienated themselves from the Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies.

    The WTBTS has misused this scripture to "lord it over" God's sheep, by falsing stating that not listening to THEM is tantamount to not listening to "Jehovah". In this way, if they make a statement or change something that the "sheep" don't understand (because it ain't right, but, well...), then rather than provide a answer of TRUTH... they tell you to 'wait on Jehovah'. And how does that waiting turn out? Eventually, they make some additional false statement that "sheds light" on the previous one. And the "sheep" respond, "Jehovah has answered", etc.

    But, they do not possess holy spirit, nor do they claim to speak or teach by means of it, and they openly acknowledge that they are not "prophets". And NEVER do they give the "glory" of what they speak/teach to the Son of God, Christ... whose name is JAHESHUA (Jah Saves) MISCHAJAH (chosen/anointed of JAH), so that we should KNOW that the "inspired expression" they claim to speak does not "originate with God," for there is no other One by which they could have received it.

    Don't run ahead of the organization.

    This is a mistatement of the words at 1 Corinthians 4:6. There, Paul was admonishing some who where boasting in themselves NOT to do so, but "He that boast, let him boast in JAH." This admonition not to boast in oneself was written at Jeremiah 9:24 and thus was "scriptural." Paul, then, was telling ones to "not go beyond the things that are written" in this light.

    However, people being what they are, imperfect, took "Do no go beyong the things that are written," to "Do not run ahead of the organization." How did this come about? Because although they SAY this is not true, the Society puts what is written in the WATCHTOWER and AWAKE... by the 'organization'... over what is written... in the scriptures. One can read something in the Bible or scriptures, and then ask concerning it. And rather than look up another verse or scripture that would completely explain it... or worse, rather than simply going to and asking the One who 'inspired' the scriptures and about whom they are written... they say wait for it to "come out in the Watchtower."

    A SAD, SAD example of this is at one of my "tribunals" (judicial committee meetings): after I had pointed out a discrepancy between what the Watchtower taught, and what the Bible verse stated, one of the "brothers" said to me, "Well, we're not supposed to go beyond the things written." And I replied, "Yes, Brother, but the things written WHERE?" And before the other two could stop him, he said (and I lie to you NOT!), "The things written in the Watchtower!" Okay, so I had to take a moment... In the meantime, the other two brothers got extremely nervous and one, the PO, corrected him, albeit quite gently and VERY quietly, saying, "Uh, no, the things written in the scriptures."

    And this is COMMON within that organization.

    The Truth.

    Other than the title of their publication, "The Truth That Leads to Everlasting Life," I have no idea where the expression that they are "the truth", or that one is "in the truth" ("how long you been in the truth?"), but it is A LIE! For there is only ONE TRUTH... and it is HE that is "in" US... and not WE... in him. True, we can be "in union" with him, but it is he, by means of holy spirit, that comes, with the Father, and "makes [their] abode with us." John 14:23; Romans 8:9

    I will leave the other expressions for someone else, or... if no one responds... continue tomorrow. I hope, however, that these answers have been of some assistance to you in understanding "earhtling man" and his imperfection, as well as his inclination to "dominate [his fellow] man... to his injury."

    Peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Sadie5

    A Guest: thank you for your comments. Looks like you've done some research on this before. thanks for sharing. So much of what JWs say and practice are not related to scripture, as they claim.

    To everyone: thanks for your thoughts.


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