I am the Antichrist!

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  • Mutz

    Well according to my mum anyway. She came home from a meeting a few months back, looked at me and with a slightly manic laugh declared "YOU are the Antichrist!". I of course was shocked and ran to the bathroom to check my freshly shaven head for any marks etc but found nothing. So either my father is Old Nick or she is just another brainwashed victim of the WT Society. :-)

  • Trauma_Hound

    You should have told her, "Well then, you must have had sex with satan then."


  • SYN

    Oh, relax, people call me the AntiChrist (and occasionally Spawn of Lucifer the Cloven Hooved One Who Reigns In Gehenna) all the time! You get used to it!

  • Vivamus

    Don't worry! My mum said I looked like a Satan's worshipper once..... Granted, when she said that, I was wearing a black top and a CROSS....

    [looking at my pict a bit worried] I don't do I?


  • Oreopandabear

    When I found out that my family refers to me as the Anti-Christ, it really made me angry. Now I just laugh. Welcome to the club. You are in excellent company!


  • da_luvvin_bruvva

    The first time I got called that by one of da_luvva's_of_trooof, I asked them to have a look at Matthew 7:1

    Its just as well that da_luvvin_bruvvahood is not our judge and jury.

    I have however (in my younger days), been on many a pantyheist!



  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Yes, well I'm Christ so now this thread has even itself out.

  • SYN

    God, but this site can only be whacky sometimes. You're all tickling my crazybones.

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