Can I make a DVD or CD of Panorama?

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  • Mulan

    This may be a silly question, but I thought someone would know the answer. I don't.

    Can the Panorama video be transferred to a CD? I have a CD writer on my computer...........DVD too. If it's possible, how do I do it?

  • zev

    yup. you can.

    do you have the panorama show as a file?

    when you answer that, i'll try to help you out.

    copying it is easy.

    want me to just send you a copy?

    i got dateline and panorama on cd.

  • Mulan

    YES! That would be great. Send it to me. My email is open here. Maybe you mean mail. I thought maybe it could be emailed.

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  • zev

    to big a file for email.

    my email is open, send me your info, tommorow i'll drop it in the usps for you.

    not a problem at all.

  • Simon

    Yes, you can. I made some CD's with both Panorama and Dateline and a lot of web-pages on and gave them out at the BBQ. I will look at making some more and maybe making the ISO image available if that is any use.

  • Quotes


    Actually, it depends on exactly what you want the end result to be.

    If you already have the program(s) as video files on your computer (e.g. .WMF, .WMV, .RA, .RAM, etc.) you can simply burn a back-up copy of the file. PRO: fairly easy and stright forward CON: can only be used on computers.

    If you want to have a disc you can take to your DVD player in your entertainment center, you may be able to, depending on your hardware & software. Although you have a DVD drive in your computer, if it is not specifically a DVD writer (DVD+R, or DVD-R) then you can not make DVDs. All is not lost, however. There is a little known format called "VCD" (Video CD) which ALL DVD players support. This format has not much exposure in North America, but in Europe and Asia it has dominated the market for several years.

    A VCD, like a DVD, must have very specifically named files on the disc in order for the DVD player (or VCD player) to be able to play it. Your VCD burning software takes care of this (NERO is one popular piece of CD burning software for this).

    A VCD has the following differences from a DVD:

    (1) VCD uses MPEG-1 compression, DVD uses MPEG-2 compression algorithm

    (2) as a result of (1), picture quality on a VCD is a bit worse than VHS VCR, whereas DVD is, well... you've see it... much better than VHS

    (3) A VCD holds about 680MB and can be on a standard CD-R or CD-RW disk which cost less that $1 each. A DVD holds over 4GB of information, but blank DVD media costs about $10 per disc.

    (4) As a result of (3) a VCD will hold about one hour of video, but a DVD will hold 6 hours of video

    Now before you go and get some CD burning software that can create VCD, you should be aware of one other thing: some DVD players have trouble reading VCDs that were made using CD-R or CD-RW discs. Sometimes using a different brand of CD-R disc will yield better results, but not always. If your DVD player specifically mentions the feature "CD-R or CD-RW compatible" you may end up with a VCD that you can't play in your DVD player, not because it doesn't like VCDs, but rather because it simply can't read the CD-R disc.

    Hope that helps!


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