Last Supper

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  • DJ

    When I was a young teenager I took a year to complete Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper. It was a very large paint by number. My dad proudly had it framed upon completion and hung in in our dining room. Recently, when I visited my parents I noticed that the painting had been taken down. I asked what happened to it and my parents said that the jw's told them that the people who posed for the original were gay and it was not to be trusted........................................................???? How weird DJ

  • joannadandy

    They actually said they were gay? I seriously doubt those were their exact words, or their reason for having them remove it, tho I don't put it past any dub to find a painting of a religious subject matter, not painted by another dub as offensive

  • DJ


    The term my dad used was 'homosexuals" He said they told him this.


  • JanH

    Sounds extremely strange. Da Vinci painted this around 1495! Of course there were gay people back then too, but so publicly gay that it's known about them 500 years later? I don't think so. I would actually be surprised if scholars can name all those models today. Any art historians here??

    Sounds like an urban legend, and a weird one at that.

    - Jan

  • Francois

    Sounds like more JW BS to me. Concentrated at that. What on earth will be next?


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    so how do they know they're gay? do they have gay-dar or something? sheesh.

    i have had this painting hanging in the hall across from my son's room since he was a baby. my jw sister came over one day and was totally creeped out by it. can you imagine that?

  • Elsewhere

    Perhaps he and his "concerned" friends need to review their Watchtower...

    WT Nov 4, 2002

    13 There is another type of false story that we need to be on guard against. A great many sensational tales circulate, often by means of e-mail. It is wise to be cautious about such tales, especially if we do not know the original source of the information. Even if an experience or story was sent by a reputable Christian, that individual may not have firsthand knowledge of the facts. That is why it is important to be cautious about repeating or forwarding unverified accounts. We surely would not want to repeat "godless myths" or "false stories which violate what is holy." (1Tim 4:7 NIV).

  • Elsewhere

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