Trust governing body and no one else?

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  • haujobbz

    What prompted me to post this was that i was inspired by sleepys last post when he said are you a black sheep in your family now,i got to say that i suppose i am,but what really gets to me is that they trust 11 old men in brooklyn who they never have met and even bet there life on them,but when you or me who are family try to advise them they just class your opinion as void or untrustworthy,what a load of [email protected].

    I wonder why they trust these old men so much,maybe all the so called superior wisdom impresses them,or maybe because i am young and inexperienced (NOT),they just see me as someone who is lesser or lacking in wisdom or grey hair LOL


  • Syndromology

    Well the people are scared of living without a certain hope, like living in Paradise or going to heaven if you're anointed. they want a reason for living and they will follow anyone who wants to give it to them. Sometimes you wonder why there are so many cult's. This is one of the reasons. Human beings' prime concern is safety in mental, physical and spiritual terms. Sometimes that means entering a destructive cult, it;s very contradicting but it happens like that. You want the situation that is most familiar to you and you get a sort of twisted safety from that. that's is also the reason why a woman who is being abused by her husband goes back most of the time. Sometimes fearful situation can give somebody some sort of safety, that weird isn't it! Really, it's weird. Fear is the strong motivational power a lot of the times

    a thought

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  • writerpen


    what a load of [email protected] .
    It's okay to say/type crap in its entirety. Not a bad word like some of the others that I've used in some of my posts. Sorry Simon, but anger stirs emotions.

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