Want A Bus Ride to Borg Headquarters?

by Francois 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • Francois

    I'm thinking that if enough people are interested, we could arrange for a nice big air-conditioned Scenicruiser (with bathroom and wetbar) from, say, Cincinnati to Brooklyn. I'd be willing to drive from Atlanta to Cincinnati to catch up with the bus, and then have great Apostafellowship all the way to NY and back.

    What about it?

    Post your reply here and if it looks like we've got enough for a busload, I'll arrange the arrangements.


  • funkyderek


    Also an interesting way to test anti-discrimination laws!

  • larc

    Francois, I am interested in the idea, so let's see what other folks have to say.

  • SYN

    OMG I don't want to miss out on this! Can the bus swim?

    Imagine the faces on the Dubs when a busfull of Apostates get out!

    Jaracz: "What in the heck? Dagnabbit! It's that Francois fellow!"

    Francois: "Hi Mr. Jaracz, howzit hangin'?"

    Jaracz: *angry* "I see you brought your followers with too, you Spawn of Lucifer the Cloven Hooved One! Out, DEEEMINZ!!!!!! OUT!"

  • DanTheMan

    I'd be interested. I live in Columbus, not too far from 'nati.

    Can we find a bus driver who'd be willing to crash through the front entrance of 25 Columbia?

  • outnfree
    Out, DEEEMINZ!!!!!! OUT!"

    Out is well aware that DEEEMINZ live at 124 Columbia Heights!


    A bus sounds like a fabulous idea, but I've already made my flight arrangements.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE everybody who possibly can, make the trip to march with us.


  • Robdar


    As we have already discussed, I am up for this trip. I know that so far the response hasn't been enough to rent a bus. Why don't we rent a van? Also, I am sure that there would be hotels outside NYC that have kitchenettes. We could all rent a suite together and cook our meals. This would save money. Just a thought.

    Any takers?



  • recoveringexjw

    hey i like that idea lets do it

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