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  • Zechariah

    I have just read the August KM insert on disfellowshipping. On the surface it appears to be nothing new. But looks are deceiving in that there exists a all important difference. It is noteworthy that the WTS subtly in almost every instance they refer to a disfellowshipped person they include " or disassociated " as if the words are synonymous. ..............
    They base their shunning practice on the scripture at 1 Cor. 5:11,13 which says Quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person or an extortioner, not even eating with such a man....... Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.
    Other translations render the scripture "seperate yourself" or " dont keep company with". ...............
    The WTSs interpretation of this scripture makes a few faulty assumptions. It assumes that singular instances of immorality can qualify someone as a wicked person. It also falsely assumes that a disassociated person can be classed a wicked man by virtue simply of the fact he refuses to idolize the Watchtower organization. .............. In reality it is one who remains loyal to an organization that is teaching falsehood and rendering injustice who is the idolater (from Gods viewpoint) and that makes him wicked. They also falsely assume that seperating ourselves from the wicked man means barring him from any fellowship making him no longer a brother in Christ. In any regard this seperation was intended to be a matter of individual conscience and not a autonomous decree by the church powers......... They make a outrageous presumptuous statement in Par. 5 . It quotes from the 9/15 1981 Watchtower which states: "The fact is that when a Christian gives himself over to sin and has to be disfellowshipped, he forfeits much: his approved standing with God, etc. ............. How in Gods name can they speak for God. It is remiiscent of what the Catholic priests believe about themselves. Namely that what they bind on earth beng bound in heaven . They believe this to mean that if they choose to cut somebody off from their organization that God must do the same. OUTRAGEOUS .......==== Zechariah ========

  • dmouse

    I believe that this KM is a preparation for the difficult times ahead.

    The Society know that the Internet is eating them from the inside out. Kids are finding out the truth about the 'truth' and speading it to other kids and parents.

    They must divide families in order to survive, to cling on to any members they can, otherwise the number leaving will reach epidemic proportions, possibly reaching a critical mass which will mean total disintigration.

    Recent articles about not trusting family members even if they are brothers supports this.

    Control is their top priority.

  • roybatty

    dmouse, excellent point. For some reason I never thought of that. The WT needs to divide families in order to hold onto a few people.

  • cecewriter

    I am interested in what the Aug. KM said as my daughter and her husband are shunning of me - for no reason. I left the JW organization 10 yrs. ago and we have always gotten along fine, although there are some subjects we avoided. Now, since last November, they refuse all contact. Is this some kind of "new light?"

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