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  • SpiderMonkey

    Recent events have got me wondering... After my last big relationship, I "swore off" a certain catagory of astrological signs (signs are divided into earth, air, fire and water... I realized that all of my major relationships have been with a certain sign catagory, and thought that that was a problem)... Lately, though, I have had cause to reconsider.

    I'm just curious; have y'all had any observations about specific signs, or catagories - in other words, what they're like? If they're good, bad, or ugly? I'm a Gemini w/ Scorpio rising (wouldn't mind hearing what folks think about that; I know the standard profile well enough, but personal experiences and insights would be fun). Not so interested in "astrology is true!" or "astrology is wrong!" theories; I'm curious about some astrological observations from those who "believe."

    Have fun

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    i love libras, and have sworn off pisces men... they hurt too much. gemini is a "child" on the karmic wheel, and pisces is at the very top, the oldest and supposedly wisest of all the sun signs, so perhaps that's why we didn't work out. anyway...

    here's my favorite libra, the adorable trey parker:

  • MrMoe

    Depends on your entire chart... Venus and Mars and Moon and Mercury should be counted also... Sun Sign is jsut a BIT of you, tho it is best by rule of thumb to stay in the same element or a compatible element: such as:

    Air + Fire

    Earth + Water

    But, if most your chart is water and earth and your Sun Sign is Air then it is usually best to stay away from Fire...

    It is really complicated -- if I saw the charts I would be able to advise you better. I will use me as an example ~~~~ (each of these is how you act in blending with your Sun Sign -- if your Venus is in Virgo and Your Sun is in Cancer then when to comes to relationships you act like a Virgo/Cancer blend with people.... if your Mercury is in Gemini and your Sun is in Scorpio then when it comes to your communications with others then you are a blend of Gemini/Scorpio...)

    Sun = Aqaurius with Capricorn cusp (You)

    Rising = Gemini (Outer you and the mask you wear)

    Moon = Pisces (Inner Emotional You)

    Venus = Pisces (Relationships and Love)

    Mercury = Capricorn (Communication)

    Mars = Capricorn (Passion)

    Saturn = Leo (RIGHT THERE -- Saturn is all about Karma AND Karmic CRAP -- my ex was a Leo...)

    Jupiter = Taurus (Luck and GOOD Karma)

    Mid-Heaven = Pisces (Who you aspire to be and what you become more like as you age)

    Chiron = Cancer (A strong pull on who you are and how you come across)

    NOW - if you will notice - my chart is LOADED with Earth and Water == this means ACTUALLY if I don't pair with a fellow Aquarian (the best match in the entire zodiac is 2 Aquarius people) then it is best I stick with Earth Signs or Water Signs.

    I find I get along with all the signs -- as each person is thier own unique blend, but for me to get into a relationship with a Fire sign is a BAD idea unless the majority of thier chart is complimentary of mine...

    There is a LOT to take into acount here, and to be honest I am going to bed really soon. e-mail me - i will answer as soon as I get the chance---

    [email protected]



  • DakotaRed

    Over my life, I have probably been involved with just about every sign there is, except my own, a Libra. Some, I find true to their signs and disastrous for me. My first wife was a Sagitarrius. I usually don't pay that much heed to signs, but I am reluctant to get involved with another Sagitarrius.

    My daughters are a Leo and a Scorpio and I get along great with them. But, that is a father/daughter relationship.

    I once read that a marriage between two Libras would be a marriage made in heaven, provided they could ever make up their minds to get married in the first place. We Librans are noted to have difficulty in making up our minds, due to balancing things and seeking all possible aspects. But, once our minds are made up, it is firmly implanted and pretty much unchangeable, or so I'm told

    Over all, I don't really pay that close attention to Astrology. Maybe, I should.

    Lew W

  • SpiderMonkey

    MrMoe, I tried writing to you, but for some reason the e-mail was returned to me... Anyway, here are my planets:

    Sun: Gemini

    Rising: Scorpio

    Moon: Taurus

    Mercury: Gemini

    Venus: Gemini

    Mars: Aquarius

    Jupiter: Scorpio

    Saturn: Gemini

    Uranus: Libra

    Neptune: Sagittarius

    Pluto: Virgo

    As you can see, I am full of Air (LOL); 6/11... and over 1/3 of me is Gemini... Reading info on my planets has been interesting to me, though, as before I never thought I fit the exact profile of Gemini except in some key respects... Any insight would be appreciated.

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