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  • Tinkerbell4125

    Cowboy's thread on favorite songs, well it got me diggin out the c..d.'s. I love ol George Jones, Tammy, Vern Gosdin. Listening to Vern sing *Is it raining at your house*. If you love country music, then you love vern. *DOOOOOOOOOOOES IT THUUUUUNDER AND LIGHTIN....AT YOUR HOUSE*

    I haven't had a drink in a long time...in fact it's been awhile since I've gotten out and pulled a good one!!!! It's time to put my boots on and grab a bunch of girlfriends and find a Honky Tonk!!!!!

    Anybody out there need a girls night out? I'll pick ya up around 8 Friday night!!!!!!!

    Tink =;o)

  • LyinEyes

    HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tink ,you and CC , can hitch a ride with the me and the old man(Wild Turkey), for some southern bar hoping. Now I will tell ya honky tonks aint like they used to be darlin', the rednecks have taken over.

    But if CC is prepared to defend your feminine honor than you might make it thru the first hour. LOL

    We went to this one place called "the Log Cabin" , way back in the woods, it played lots of good ol country, with a slash of some funky stuff, (the gap band, kc sunshine, mj blidge, play that funky music white boy, etc. ) also so good old southern rock(Skynard, Segar, SRV, Allman brother band, ZZtop, .38 special, etc). They would also throw in some John Cougar, the Boss, Garth, what ever was good to dance too. Conway , Merle, Vern, George, George S. Mark ,Clint, etc. for the the belt buckle rubbing kind of dancing.

    They had 2 pool tables, it was a small little hole in the wall, and a few tables and chairs. The owner used to travel with ol George Jones and many others back in the 70's as a manager and song writer. He had a pretty good Karoeke(sp) set up too, and encourage anyone to sing. This is something I had always wanted to do, so I did......I sang Desperodo, by the Eagles ( of course) andit was so cool. I dont even remember hearing myself. I just did it !!!! This was the place where I first went out and dance publicly since we left the borg, and it was awesome. I would dance till I had blister on my feet. Wild Turkey just sat there mostly drinking and shooting pool.

    But turns out the place was a little rowdy,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we soon found out instead of locals calling it the Log Cabin,. they and the local police called it the "Stabbin Cabin". There were too many good ol boys there that wanted to get drunk , ( I mean pissin in the corner of the place thinking it was the bathroom) drunk. Usually some ol girl would have a fight with a former boyfriend andthen all hell would break lose. The cops came and took some away and it happened again. We decided this was not our kind of place , because if you knew my hubby, he would be in a fight with one of those arrogant fools in a split second. So that ended our days at the honky tonk.

    We have since moved our partying out of the woods, and into the big city of Shreveport, about 40 miles away, and we fit in alot better there.

    Our favoirtie is called Rockin Rodeo, it is big.. two stories,, downstairs, they play country and some dance mix ,, ifyou look down form upstairs you see lots of cowboy hats. Upstairs is where we stay most of the time, it is fast dancing, with all kinds of music, rap, rock, hip hop, top a40, southern rock , just whatever you can dance to. The drink specials are awesome and they have bouncers so there is no fighting allowed, or you can never come back.

    Well, Tink,I just felt I would tell ya how it is around here in Louisiana and hope you can make it down maybe in December, my hubby is giving me a birthday party and he might do it at our fav club. If you get there early it is not so loud. So think about it,,, we will let you know what we are going to do for sure.

    Sorry this was so long, but you sounded like you were ready to go out dancin, and this is the best I could do to help ya,,,,,, just talk about it. I guess I get a little carried away, and I know I am very descriptive, but I want ya to see it really good in your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Dede

  • Tinkerbell4125

    LOL....well, let me grab my hat and I'm there! Where are the day's when you could shoot a game of pool without someone stabbing you!!!! lol

    I agree I'm not in the mood for *redneck*. I love my country music and my cowboy boots, but leave the redneck shit for when you're fighting with family, not in public lol =;o)

    I'm not real sure about the dancing part, I've never been much of a dancer...but I'll take ya up on a good cold one!!!!! It's not often, but about once a year, I've got to grab my bestest girlfriends and we go out!!!! Not to pick up anybody, or anything like that, but just have a good time! As my brother would say, I need to go out and get stupid! A couple years back my friends took me out to this club for my birthday and hired a stripper! This hugh dude walked up to me looking like the terminater and all of a sudden, the music started and off came the cloths!!!! Honestly, it didn't turn me on, it scared me!!!! lol It was a trip, I've never had that happen to me!!! To tell you how stupid we were that night, we took pictures all night and didn't have any film in the camera! Never done that either! Have you ever done that!!!! Talk about feeling stupid!!!! But let me tell you, we laughed, we flirted, we strutted, we had a fuc*ing blast...we all have the best time!!! I haven't been to a club since. It's WAY over due darlin! I appreciate the invite to your party, I'm not sure if I can, but that would be great if we could!!!!!

  • worldly girl
    worldly girl

    TINK!! Why didn't you just say you needed a girls night out..... I'm up for it, just name the night and time and I'll take care of the places to go!! We can always go downtown, there's plenty to chose from..... BTW, I can also give you a heads up on where to stay away from, there's plenty of sleezeballs in the club industry.... but that's a story for another day!! Email me!!


  • Jigrigger

    Hi Tink,

    Never thought I'd find someone on a DB who's ever heard of Vern Gosdin, let alone know any of his songs. IMO, he's the best country singer of all time. My favorite song is "Chiselled In Stone"

    "You don't know about lonely...'till it's chiselled in stone"

    I hope you DO get out for a night of honky-tonkin'


  • mike047

    JRIG, don't they call Vern "THE VOICE" in country circles. I have heard him referred to as such.


  • Jigrigger

    Hi Mike,

    You're absolutely correct. Even livin' legends like George Jones look up to this guy for his un-matched ability to sing a country song...


  • LyinEyes

    "Is it raining, at your house, like it's raining at mine?" OMG that is one heck of a song,,,, he surely is the voice,,, does anyone remember the one about the garden, I seem to remember a country video of it,, I think his wife passes away, and leaves a rose garden or something. I think it was Vern.

    But darn,,,,,,trying to watch my language here........... that song that tink said,,,,,,,,, i could listen to it everyday and never get sick of it.

  • Tinkerbell4125


    If you don't like ol Vern, then I'm sorry, you're just not true southern bread!

    Any of you guys live in Nashville? We should have a big ex.jw meet up next month and everyone go 2-steppin.

    Mike047, Jigrigger, LyinEyes, Worldlygirl, now you're my kind of people!!! *tippin my hat to ya*


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