Phone Call About Emily(Grandaughter)

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  • Undecided

    Hi All,

    Last night about 12:00 we got a phone call from my step-daughter, she is in Blacksburg, Va visiting her husband who is working there for a few weeks. She takes the kids and stays a few days with him at the motel. Her daughter was watching Emily for a few minutes and was riding her on her neck when her hands slipped and she fell backwards onto the cement from her shoulders, she hit her head and was knocked out. She was taken to the emergency room at the hospital. She got a concussion and bruises. Her sister was hysterical and so was her mother.

    This morning she seems OK. Tough little girl but has the worst luck. We started to drive up there but they called and said she was back in the motel and was doing OK.

    Ken P.

  • Crystal

    So glad to hear she is doing well.Life is so precious.

  • outnfree


    Such a worry and such a feeling of helplessness!

    My son has had more than one concussion and it is certainly quite scary. He got the first one sliding down the banister at about age 4 and flying off the end onto the wooden floor! I'm glad to hear that Emily is okay.

    Take a deep breath, and tell your granddaughter's sister that It's okay, accidents happen.


  • Mimilly


    I ditto the last poster - take a deep breath and sigh of relief.


  • Jesika

    Glad to hear she is ok. It is a very scary thing for accidents to happen to ones so fragile. Glad she is ok.

  • LDH


    ((((((((((((Your Family))))))))).

    I wish people would stop carrying their children on their shoulders. Or at least, if they're going to do it like that, interlock their fingers behind the child's back, and not hold the child's legs.

    What a scary accident. I'm so glad she is fine.


  • WildHorses

    I am so glad she is doing alright. When Nikki was about 16 months old, she learned how fun it was to jump on the furniture. She was having a good time one day jumping on the chair in the living room, it was good for jumping as it had springs under the cushion.

    Anyway, she was having her good time and was looking at me and laughing when I told her to calm down. Well, she didn't stop but started jumping faster. Before I could get to her she took her last jump and it bounced her high and she fliped out of the chair and on her head.

    She didn't pass out but almost did. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she lost her breath. I called 911 and they came to get us. Thank God everything was ok. Nikki never jumped on the furniture after that.

  • DakotaRed

    Ken, I'm glad she is okay. Good thing kids are pretty resilient. Now, if only they could make us parents and grandparents as resilient

    Lew W

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