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    ON saturday at about 11.20am , my mum informed me that a pair of male JWs was coming, so I got ready.

    Anyway they knocked on the door and I opened it,introduced himself and his son(who looked thoroughly bored!) and the usual about God eventually putting things to right,showed us the Superstition/What has Man learn from the past ? Magazines,also read Eccles,8.v9(Interestly the verse was on the left not on the right of the column(My 1981 edition has the verse on the right),said he would back in a few weeks.

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    (At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass for blowing my own trumpet by mentioning my own website).

    Take a look at for some of the more unusual quotes published by the WTBTS over the years. Ask them if they can help you to understand why this of that was published. If they give you "that is a lie, you can't believe anything you find on the internet" implore them to show you the original book/magazine to proove that the quote is wrong. If they attempt this, they will find the quote accurate.

    Watch as they run away, afraid of the implications of quotes from their own publishing house. If you are fortunate, your house will be "marked" as housing an "opposer/apostate" and they won't be back for a long, long time!

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