Bill Bowen's Plight

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    Today I sent this letter to the editors of the NYT in response to an article written about Bill Bowen's plight


    You wrote an article on 8/11/02 concerning Bill Bowen's plight with the Jehovah's Witnesses. I am aware that the JW religion has expelled Mr. Bowen for causing divisions because of his speaking out against a pedophile problem in the religion. I view this as a form of religious persecution aimed as silencing Mr. Bowen. I also do not think the JW leaders can hide under the cover of the first amendment this time. Child molestation is a crime. People have the right to speak out against this crime. Just because someone joins a religion does not mean he or she waives his or her universal, inalienable human rights as outlined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thank you for your time.


    John B. Brown, II

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