United Nations is NOT the beast

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  • Praetorian

    All Witnesses need to sit up and take notice of this message.

    The United Nations is not the beast that is taked about in so many publications. The WT has got it completely wrong. The UN is going to be abolished by a super-powerful one world government that is forming called the Global Nation Federation. Global Nation has Jehovah's name written in the Tetragrammaton on its great seal! GN has also diived the world into 10 Regions - "10 Kingdoms"!.

    Take a look at : http://www.rockefeller.com.au/gn/

    and here's their great seal with Jehovahs name in the centre:

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  • Crazy151drinker

    So I guess that would make Mr. Rock the Anti-christ.....

  • SYN

    It was quite funny seeing all of their members being called "The Honourable" this or that!

    You take this seriously?

    Do you know how powerful the commercial interests are that would prevent national borders and separate currencies from disappearing, if national pride didn't do so to start with, amongst other things? Their ideals are lofty, but unnattainable.

    And probably dangerous.

  • openminded

    Funny that Australia and New Zealand get their own points on the 10 point star.

  • Praetorian

    Yes, I think it should be taken seriously. The UN secretary General Kofi Annan has endored this organisation ~ I don't think it could get any more serious than that. The titles of Honorable are realative in that this is a politcal organisation and reps are usually refered to as Honorable (In Commonwealth countries anyhow) . I think GN is the future government that will destroy Christendom. They have an anti religious fundamentalism clause in their constitution with enough leverage to include JW's .... maybe this is the sign of the end approaching fast.

  • Bang

    "I think it should be taken seriously" Seriously? what does it matter to your christianity?

    Did you ever wonder that certain things predispose some people to joining various groups like the wtbts ?


  • You Know
    You Know
    The UN is going to be abolished by a super-powerful one world government that is forming called the Global Nation Federation.

    Nonsense. The UN itself is poised to become a super-powerful one world government. For one thing, governments don't just spring up out of nowhere. There has to be some political foundation. Besides, only the United Nations has the administrative infrastructure to actually function as a global government---which is no small task. The UN has attained some legitimacy. And under conditions of financial collapse, global warfare with the use of WMD, and the collapse of the Anglo-American system of things, the UN is the ONLY political institution that could possibly stand in the gap during that kind of horror show as a bonifide global government. Of course, during that period of hysteria and confusion there are certain to be numerous messianic figures and organizations that step forward to exploit the chaos. / You Know

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  • jgnat

    You are all wrong. The Beast is obviously Las Vegas.

  • logical

    All these people / organisations who are trying to force fulfilment of prophecy, who are trying to be the fulfilment, it doesnt work like that

    Are they that desperate to be part of history they have to delude themselves and others?

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  • NeonMadman

    I thought The Beast was a roller coaster?

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