Disfellowshiping, is it an Endangered Species ?

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  • Siddhashunyata

    It is apparent that Bill Bowen and Silentlambs will not go away. It seems to me that over time, this fact translates to defection within the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses as they continue to "associate " with this Apostate. In her letter to the Governing Body, Bill's wife correctly states that it is the Body's policies that have caused "divisions". There is no reason to think that these divisions will not continue to fester. Therefore, Bill Bowen's case is now a "Standard" to those of honest heart. I don't think the WTBTS correctly assesed the long term nature of the issue when they high-handedly disfellowshiped him. Child abuse coverups will not go away nor will Silentlambs or the internet. The child abuse issue is not small. By using the "rod" of disfellowshiping on Bill Bowen and Silentlambs the WTBTS has, inadvertantly brought disfellowshiping itself into the limelight. This is a good thing. In my opinion "divisions" will cause that policy to be ignored . The policy is a "dirty bomb". Without it, the WTBTS will be forced to sit at a table and actually answer to its membership.

  • Gopher


    We can only hope so! Certainly for those who will permit themselves to think about the issue, it's apparent that something is rotten in the state of Denmark (that is, at the Brooklyn headquarters).

    But if you read what loyal dubs say at places like JWZone (such a thread was posted on this board last week), many have already given in to the knee-jerk reaction and have demonized Bill Bowen for not waiting on Jehovah and consorting with apostates and the like. They will listen to JR Brown as he spews things like "not all of our elders are perfect", shifting the blame away from headquarters (where it belongs).

  • minimus

    if more people get disfellowshipped, eventually the punishment will not be that effective.

  • Swan

    While I agree with minimus, I also think that it won't affect their stance whatsoever. Is Disfellowshipping a smart policy to follow in this day and age? No. Not any more. Will they continue to do it despite the public outcry? You bet! They have never done the smart thing. They have always dug in their heels especially when criticized by "the World." They will view the increasing bad press as persecution and justification that theirs is the right way. They will stubbornly dig in because they will feel attacked and paranoid. Individuals and even small groups will leave the cult in a steady trickle and they too will be disfellowshipped, but it won't change the WTBTS paranoid outlook.

    Of course, I would love for them to prove me wrong.

  • JT

    They will view the increasing bad press as persecution and justification that theirs is the right way. They will stubbornly dig in because they will feel attacked and paranoid


    and this is the key High control groups rarely use what most would concider common sense

    and the reason is simple, they operate from a different angle- they feel that god directs them and so any problems from nonbelievers only confirms in thier mind they are right

    while there are those who will stop and smell the coffee

    in a typical congo of 120 pub, less than 10 folks will leave due to dogma issues about the WT claim of we speak for god

    most will leave or cease activty due to being worn out and tired.

    dfing will continue to be a ton of control - giving up control is very rare it must be SNATCHED and that is why we all left we snatched the control of our lives from them back to us

  • Siddhashunyata

    I can see both sides but I'm betting on the the long term nature of the issue of child abuse and the fact that Bill Bowen has the high moral ground. Given the internet, case documentaion, and the press its seems likely to me that time is not on the side of the WTBTS. It is important that disfellowshipping be dethroned as the weapon of choice. It really blocks the way to the free exercise of conscience . So I perceive that this is the time determined for the disarming of the WTBTS. It is important that those who are being martyred continue to see that there is still a progression going on. It took an issue with teeth, like child abuse, to begin the unfolding of methods and techniques that are immoral and dishonorable. Keep your eye on the young JWs. The message boards are short term viewpoints. Any one "seasoned" knows that lasting idealism must be based on reality. In fact Bill Bowen is a good example of this fact.

  • JT

    So the real fanatics will stay and the good honest hearted people will walk away saying feet don't fail me now!


    i agree 110%

    the only ones left will be the real crazy JW- the only elders left will be those unreasonable guy who for them they are like moses now

  • Siddhashunyata

    JT, I like your short description of the future for the WTBTS. Any thoughts on the effect this has on their$$$$.

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