Poetic Justice

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  • Amazing

    I was glancing around some Watchtower publications, and came across this cute little gem:

    The book: A Secure Future - How You Can Find It was published in the famous year, 1975 ... Ha! Some security, as we now know ... but wait!!! ... there is more. ... the Watchtower Society book symbol for the Secure Future book is ... none other than ... " f u " Now go figure !!! Were they trying to tell us something about their vision of a secure future and 1975? Seems like poetic justice to me.

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  • rekless

    Amazing how you doing?

    I have been concerned because I haven't seen your post lately.

    You have a nice web page. Fine design.

    Is that FU, F you or F-ked Up?

    Have you been dealing with dizzy spells since your big one, I sure have daily.

    Well anyway , I guess we will live till we die just kind of want to live long enough to get even with my kids.

    take care


  • orangefatcat

    very interesting Amazing,

    Hope your feeling much better these days and I am always happy when I see you posting. Have a great day!!

  • witchywoman

    What ever it was that you were recouperating from, I`m glad to see you back too!

    Oh, and fu too WTS! Real cute!


  • larc

    fu is a fitting symbol for the 1975, because that is what the Wt did to folks that year. Amazing, its good to see you punching the key board. I was about to make a sheperding call on you, via phone.

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