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    This was sent to me by a friend of mine. Send replies to me at [email protected] his go-between! Ladies...snap him up! I believe she said he is 60 :) Thanks! Born agains need not apply...been there done that :)

    "Duno if this picture does him justice, but anyway. He was an elder for 30 years. His wife died about 3 years ago. If you recall, I mentioned she was active until the end, but her statement to the brothers was, when she died, she did not want a funeral. Said she nearly killed herself going to a funeral, out of courtesy, and not a single elder showed up and she did not want that to happen at her funeral, that no one really cared but it was just a token, so she opted out of a funeral of any sorts. The family was shocked. Joe thought he was the only one that knew. but she had expressed it to several, so he was not the bad guy for not doing so. Unusual. Anyway, Joe never went to another meeting. He is probably about where we are or somewhere in-between. Not into the Christianity scene. He said if Christ died for a ransom sacrifice some 2,000 years ago, when does it actually pay up? There has been no price paid to get mankind out of bondage from anything. So, he is done with religion. He was dating a gal that was head over heals with him, but she found Christ and wanted to pressure him to go to church and all, said he had been there and done that. Said he needs an X. JW gal that has been down the same road and is over it. He even expresses thoughts about finding someone that would like to have a baby. But he is resentful of being denied children on account of waiting for the big "A," but realizes that may be a bit far fetched for now. But he is a good man, like to have a few drinks of wine and smokes a cigar from time to time. A true heathen. But said if I find anyone out there for him to meet, he would sure like that. He reads all the information I pull off the Internet, so is in touch with the happenings of things. He met Barbara and Joe. Had a real nice time with their visit. He is Simi retired. Makes good money and owns his place free and clear I think. Plus investing in real-estate. He needs someone to share the rest of his life with. Would be good to them. No kids. His mother still lives but is in her late 80's. Very positive minded guy and loves to laugh. Simple minded too. SO, that is the Joe scoop."

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    Where's QUEENIE?

    Loves, it's so nice to see you. Drop me an email.


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