Consider Yourself Lucky

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  • metatron

    If you are df'd, da'd, or just drifted away, you may consider yourself
    lucky that you no longer have to endure the intensifying shame
    of telling people that you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses. You no longer
    have to feel the disgrace of being associated with a hard hearted,
    cult, filled largely with poorly educated, emotionally damaged people.

    And more than that, you don't have to defend the sickness that is
    to come, to yourself or anyone else, because the deepening scandal will
    have its effect.

    I have no illusions that any scandal, no matter how amoral or cruel
    will ever bring down the ugly power of the Watchtower
    in leading its window washing zombies. They could teach Bill Clinton
    about the power of 'teflon'.

    However, just because it doesn't collapse doesn't mean it can't
    drift ever deeper into the cold darkness that has always been
    discreetly veiled in its center.

    It can become more ignorant, more stupid, more blindly
    dismissive of the world around it. The Watchtower and Awake
    can become still more vacuous, the publications more irrelevant.

    The leadership is free to become more cruel, more rule-driven,
    more hypocritical, more deceptive and more careless. After all,
    and PROTEST against ANYTHING elders may care to do? Who will
    write the letters and risk being disfellowshipped? Who will
    dare question ANYTHING, NO MATTER HOW FALSE OR CRUEL? Having
    'killed the prophets', exactly what grace remains?

    What 'Satanic wisdom' now guides the Watchtower Society in its
    efforts to justify or cover up any corruption by local elders

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely - as they will find out
    to their own chagrin - when they encounter the eventual 'side
    effects' of the heedless and brazen conduct that now DISTINGUISHES
    the Watchtower Society. Anybody remember the definition of 'loose
    conduct' from ancient Greek? How 'bout "shameful conduct that
    would be condemned even by standards in the world"

    Like what, excommunicating those who EXPOSED child molesters,
    to shut them up? Does that satisfy the ancient definition?

    Be glad you're gone
    You won't feel the personal disgrace as the Watchtower Society
    crushes the last bits of goodness still hiding in the corners
    of this sick organization.

    Let them reap what
    what they are sowing


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  • Stephanus

    Yep, the heat's definitely being applied. Things have changed, even in the last decade or so. People just don't have time for that osrt of thing anymore, and the bad press they're now getting must be making the door to door work unbearable.

    Still, in some corners of the world, Field Service is easy:

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  • onacruse

    "You no longer have to feel the disgrace of being associated with a hard hearted, cult..."


    "...filled largely with poorly educated, emotionally damaged people."

    That would be the only reason I would go back, to help the other poor bastards still stuck there. But that's out of my hands, at least for the time being. Who knows, maybe the WTS WILL fall completely apart? At least then we can be there on the other side of the fence to help the refugees.


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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I haven't been at meetings for 14 years and for several years afterward I felt angry at God for not only allowing the JWs to hurt people, but also that he made no effort to stop them. I thought it wasn't fair that they got away with it. I felt like they needed to be punished. And right now.

    Today I feel differently. I am truly thankful I got out. Some don't. And those that hurt me, and hurt others, are still in that organization and still high-ranking and have many privileges. But they and the others have to live there, with all that crazy logic, guilt, manipulation and the never ending demands. I don't. I'm free. They're not. I'd like to believe that one day God will deal with those people, but for now I am content to let that issue go. But consider, that maybe the greatest punishment is of trying to earn your salvation and of running on a treadmill that never stops always reaching out to a god that's just out of reach. How awul to to live in that world with no hope of getting out.


  • Prisca

    Great thoughts expressed here. I find those who are bitter over their JW experience are those who refuse to look at the positive sides of leaving, or being forced out. I've had many experiences where I could be justly bitter over, but I prefer to move on with my life. After all, remaining embittered is a sign they still have control over my life.

    The best revenge is living well.

  • DanTheMan

    The Watchtower and Awake
    can become still more vacuous, the publications more irrelevant.

    The Asleep! with the picture of the English Bobby on the front - how painful it must be for any dub with half a brain to have to offer this garbage to people. Just like the "the day the towers came down" mag - shameless exploitation. I saw on a thread the other day where it seems like pictures of kids with soccer balls are popping up more and more in the pubs - an obvious marketing campaign aimed at persons in third world and latin countries.

    Watchtower, you are an embarrassment to humanity!

  • Matty

    Excellent post metatron. dantheman, I agree that the mags are even more banal and excruciating than they have ever been before, and I still have to place the darned things to householders. I personally wouldn't wipe my ass on them to be quite frank! One day I'll say that on the ministry to the householder, maybe on my last ever door!

    The best revenge is living well.

    That's very true Pris. I unfortunately know of too many examples of people that have left, had a miserable time of it and came back, but of course these are the only examples I actually got to hear about. The prodigal son illustration is used constantly to good effect by the GB. Remember that not only are you prohibited from talking to the df'd and da'd, you are also not allowed to ask after them, or enquire how they are doing from their still-in relatives, so if they are doing really well you never get to find out!

    I want to be able to leave the witnesses and have a better, happier life, have better friends and a happier family of my own. I'd like to prove I can to my brainwashed family. I have met so many people here that have successfully done this, and there's no reason why I can't either!

  • SYN

    Another excellent post Meta! You tha man!

    Realizing he had accidently glued his bum to the magazine stand, Brother Flippy considered the pros and cons of Ass Witnessing.

    Brother Flippy tried to hide from the rabid Apostates behind his magazine stand, but only realized too late that this was the first place they would look!

    One thing Brother Flippy loved about the public washroom in the station was that free Asleep! and Witchtower magazines were provided for wiping one's bum while one was drinking water from the fountain.

    Too late, Brother Flippy saw the giant mutant Field Service bag rear up to bite his head off.

    Trapped, Brother Flippy tried to negotiate with the giant, deformed hotdog.

    Ever since his brief flirtation with Islam in his teens, Brother Flippy always wore his little hat.

  • Valis

    metatron...lucky and a bit humbled by the fact that it is terribly difficult for those that still have to deal w/deluded family members and the WT. over the past few days I have had to remove some pics from the wonderfull Minnesota Apostafest I attended. Why? Because more than a month after we had our event somebody went and started telling one of our colleague's JW relatives that they had attended. There is no decency there. Coming here to spy and make things hard for people and potentially ruin thier family life. Loving arrangement indeed. Yes I am so glad I am out from under that looming bit of animus. For all you spies out there...I've got something for you...and for all you free ones something too, my respect and high fives! Thanks meta, for another good post on point as usual.


    District Overbeer

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