WT transactions with the US Navy?

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  • Gerard

    I found in a web page http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Ithaca/5974/ a press release in spanish dated december 6 th reporting that Regi U.S., Inc has signed a contract to build special engines for the U.S. Navys war machine.

    Now, go to http://www.tenkwizard.com and type watchtower in the word search line, press enter. Under the MORE INFO column find and click on FILES:

    It seems like the Watchtower Society and someone by the name of James McCann own (50% and 34% respectively) Regi U.S., Inc.!!! Could someone please follow up and confirm this?

    Thank you,


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  • ErieGuy

    YEP, you got it right!!! The Watchtower Society OWNS lock, stock, and barrel a SMART BOMB FACTORY.____________

    BUT THEN, that's nothing compared to the fact that the WTS is really a secret operative in the Illuminati's plan to take over the world. The WTS founder was secretly a Freemason, who are also part of the plan.____________

    Keep searching all XJW webpages and you will also see that the WTS owns an automobile leasing firm which they use to rip off local JWs.____________

    OH, yeh, keep searching more XJW webpages and you will learn how the WTS also had to close down their "bethel" in India due to the widespread corruption in that office.__________

    NOW, aren't you glad that you are a part of the XJW community which is responsible for ALL THIS TRUTH, unlike the WTS which dispenses nothing but lies!

  • Pistoff

    erieguy loves to exaggerate.

    The WTS DOES own stock, donated stock, in REGI which has a Navy contract.

    do the research


    note ERIEGUY that this is the governments site.

    page down, be patient.

    NOW research this site for other details, don't be content with hearsay or third party stuff, look for the original websites.

    I wonder if erieguy has done this.........

    yep xjw's screw up and goof up, but then they also don't claim to be "spirit-led"

  • ErieGuy

    Don't listen to PistOff, he is uneducated fool who can't even spell "pissed off"._________

    The WTS SMART BOMB FACTORY was built inside underground bunkers beneath the Watchtower Health Spa, otherwise know as "Paterson Educational Center"._________

    There are rumors that the WTS may even be working on anthrax for the govt. Who knows?


    Bomb factories in underground spas? WBTS working on anthrax?..Why tell lies about WBTS when the truth is so much more entertaining?...OUTLAW

  • avengers
  • deddaisy


    gee wilkers, this here navy contract ain't nothin compared to that

    Nationwide CVBs overestimates!!!!!!!!! and we ain't talkin drugstores neither !!!!!!!!!


    oooh, I plum forgot about that "mini scandal" in Kentucky ..................

    eriefly, angryXJW, MadApostate: if you really wanted to do the JWs a favor, you'd keep your mouth shut.......

    NOW, aren't you glad that you are a part of the XJW community which is responsible for ALL THIS TRUTH

    no, you're not obvious or anything are you.........you're pathetic.......

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