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  • The_Bad_Seed

    I see that this board/forum has many serious, and what I consider to be meritous posters, that can usually be found dispelling the WTBTS shyte. Since my foul arrival here in May, I have read and taken in volumes of great information from this site and it's links, which would have proved (and are) extremely helpful, and valuable to me had I felt the need for justification in my decision to leave the Borg in the first place. I saw the holes, the self preservative techniques, the speculations, the stupid protocols, the 'prophecies' that had outlived their shelf lives, and simply walked away, never really having looked back, always having felt justified because it just didn't feel right to me. While I do enjoy reading your posts, or discussions with friends, chatters, and XJW's alike - at this point in my life, I really don't feel the need to constantly come up with reasons, or dig up proof as to why or what the WTBTS has written is trash, when it's very obvious to me that everything they have, or ever will write is just that. I do know and understand that many of you come here to fellowship, and/or to just be plain informed as to the goings-on within the confines of the former stupid world that had been such a large part of your life.

    I am in no way passing judgement on any posters here, but in my opinion, feel that if I always found myself campaigning against what the Watchtower writes or does in any way, I wouldn't be able to feel, or consider myself freed of the Borg, or even free at all. There would still be that smelly attachment, where I would either still be trying to make myself, or others feel justified in their decisions.

    I recognize and admire what many of you try to do, and are doing -- that is, helping others make their transitions easier where many of you had no help at all, be it by means of moral support, or just plain old information. My stay here has been short and rocky, but ultimately enjoyable. I will continue to paruse the board for news, Borg related or non, and chat with the odd person I have come to know and respect. No more Random Chat Logs, or marshmallow attacks on JANH. This I promise.


  • Naeblis

    I'll miss you. Even though I see you every week. But I am glad to no longer have to put up with people thinking im you. You are odd, and smell like a duck.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    But I am glad to no longer have to put up with people thinking im you.
    The fact that I can't write worth a damn should have been proof enough in the beginning. Oh wait, that was just you being clever, by means of being stupid, trying to appear clever. You are odd, and smell like a Greek.

  • Mimilly

    Naebs hon - do you go around sniffing ducks? (place mental pic here) If so, do ducks smell different than other ducks? And what DOES a duck smell like?

    Hmmm, perhaps you have uncovered a fetish for the feathered kind that quacks.

    Btw... Naebs... get the story done on the canadian taliban. I will haunt you

    Bad seed - Hope to see you around. Don't be a stranger.

    hugs to both,


  • truthseeker1

    Ducks smell like chicken

  • The_Bad_Seed

    ...Greeks smell like chicken bums

  • Hmmm

    Bad Seed,
     You can't go... you're the source of some of my best material!!! 
  • sunshineToo

    You guys.....LOL

  • The_Bad_Seed

    Who said I was going anywhere!?

  • joannadandy

    I said you were going!

    I will enjoy seeing you wheel yourself out...meanwhile I shall take polaroids of your legs every few weeks, on our travels together, and perhaps send them to you...but be gone! You duck sniffer you!

    Oh but in all seriousness--I agree. I don't understand the need to fight/crusade against the WT. Well in theory I do. But to me it seems a bitter thankless battle that would be a very draining task. And I totally agree about the not being free if you constantly dwell on the WT goings on...tho I appreciate the posters that do give out such good information, I could never do it myself. Largely due to the fact I have a brain the size of paperclip.

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