The Apostle witnesses mind control at work...

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  • TheApostleAK

    About 2 weeks ago one of my old Pioneer buddies came over for a visit (He's the only JW who doesn't shun me). I got talking about the whole Naos in Revelation 7:15 thing and we both started to have a debate over this.

    I got out my copy of Vines and showed him what it had to say about the Greek word Naos and he accepted it (I've shown this to 3 elders and they wont even look at the book!). I ask him if the word Naos equals the temple sanctuary which signifies heaven in Revelation, where are the great crowd serving IN??? (in the temple sanctuary)

    He then responds with (something like) "their doing sacred service TOWARDS the Sanctuary".

    I reply with "read Rev 7:15 for me"

    He reads it for me. I asked him to slowly read the "doing sacred service IN THE temple (Gk Naos)" part of the verse.

    I asked him again where are they serving IN. I emphaisize the word "In".

    He replys with "their on earth and their doing sacred service TOWARD the sanctuary." at this point I start slowly chanting "IN! IN! IN!")

    This was going nowhere so I changed the subject.

    Anyone had any similar experiences??


  • DanTheMan

    Around January of this year a bro called me on the phone. This was before I had become an official apostate, but I hadn't attended meetings for months, and was enjoying life outside the borg.

    I told him about how weird the time collection thing is (NO scriptural basis), and how I hated the door-to-door, and that I wasn't a preacher and never will be. Well, he was pretty stunned at my saying these things. His response? "You sound like an apostate!". Classic Orwellian stop-thought. As soon as the A-word came into his mind, he no longer needed to consider or discuss the things I was saying. The conversation lasted about a minute after that.

  • COMF

    You can't cram it into their brains by force, AK. All you can do is present the material and hope they're able to act on it.

  • CornerStone

    It is a VERY difficult thing for a believing JW to try to seperate the WTBTS from God and Jesus of the historic Christian faith.

    The problem is the perception of interdependency between the two. To a JW, one cannot exist without the other. No Jehovah, no WTBTS. No Jesus, no FDS. And vis-a-versa.

    The answer is (sadly) to have a tramatic event "sever" that perception, ( like rape, molestation, betrayal, deprogramming, etc.). Or a more "surgical" approach like bits of education on the org so as to limit their influence, ( way more demanding requiring a LOT of love ).

    Of course, my favorite approach would be a world wide educational campaign on radio, T.V., and the internet warning all about the trap that the watchtower printing company is using to get people to join the cult of the jehovah's witnesses as free labor to maintain their corporate solvency.


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