Salinas CA. and surrounding areas/$1,000.00 reward

by RubyTuesday 3 Replies latest jw experiences

  • RubyTuesday

    Sept.7th is next EX-JW meet up in Salinas CA...Please ...if you live anywhere in the area (Monterey..WatsonVille...ect..ect..)
    Please attend.. We are looking for my niece Rosie Magellen .She may now be living in your area.This is very important..even if you don't think you know anything please attend...we need to talk to you.
    If you lead us to her we will give you $1,000.00 dollar reward.(She is worth millions...but that is all we have)
    Thank you!!

  • RubyTuesday

    Here is the link...Thank you in advance.

  • SYN

    What does this mean? Has she been kidnapped?


  • back2dafront


    I live in Santa Cruz and will definitely try to make it. Only problem is I work from 6am - 6pm, so I wouldn't get there until 7 or more than likely.

    I probably don't know her seeing that I've only been to one meeting since I lived in Santa Cruz. Good luck though.

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