Rhetoric used by wbts.

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  • Blueblades

    One-sided presentations,where contrary evidence is suppressed or ignored. Pontificating, on the basis of claimed superior wisdom or superior authority.Provincialism,appealing to the tendency to identify closely with the thinking ,belief ,prejudices,bias,or ignorance of a particular group,and to see things largely from the standpoint of the in-group verses the out-group.It often results in a false conception of the importance and moral quality of ones own group....in its extreme form ,the fallacy of loyalty in the face of great contrary evidence because of provincial loyalty.Strawman,misrepresentation of opposing auguments,as by the use of a strawman in the place of the real point at issue.Red Herring,dragging a red herring over the trail of the augment,that is,bring in some point that is not relevant to the discussion and which only serves to divert ones attention from the weakness in the argument.Smokescreen,example:what is the real issue! If it is not the real issue then it is a smokescreen.Poisoning the well,Tactic in which an effort is made to discredit the source so as to make it appear that any evidence or argument from that souce is not worthy of serious consideration.False Dilemma.Creation of a false dilemma which makes it appear that there are only two choices,the one being argued for and another that is usually undesirable---when in fact there may be several choices, several alternatives.Circular Reasoning , in which an unproven premise is used at the starting point of an argument that proceeds to build on the premise rather than on established facts.AD HOMINEN-(meaning to the man) this consists of an attack on the person instead of on his argument.AD-HOMINEN is the wbts favorite toward anyone who thinks or voices otherwise against them.Finally there are the methods of augumentations used by the wbts, Honest-US. Dishonest-ALL OTHERS. Principled-US. Unprincipled-ALL OTHERS. Genuine-US. Artificial-ALL OTHERS. I have unknowingly been a victim of all of this for over thirty years.To be continued,BlueBlades.

  • J_Dubble_Agent_007

    And the beat goes on.........and on............and on...........

    Ya lift one page up, and another ten open up. Keep goin Blueblades, you're sure as hek gonna find a whole loada more stuff about the WTBS that'll make the hairs on the back of your neck go wild.

    You, me, and millions of others (thank God) are coming to find out that the "Truth" was their trooof, their whole trooof and ANOTHING BUT the TRUTH.

    Welcome to the forum and may God be with you in your new journey Brother!


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  • Blueblades

    Thanks J_Dubble Agent_007.I So much want to pour out my heart on this discussion board.It would not be fair to others if i were to act as if i was the only one who has been affected after over 30 years of service to the wbts.Yet my only entreaty is the one NEHEMIAH cried out to god.His last words are recorded at NE.13:31.Do remember me,o my god,for good.BlueBlades

  • SYN

    Just remember, it's all Bible Based (TM).

  • DanTheMan

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have only studied critical thinking and argumentation a little bit, but from what I know, the WT has made an art of fallacious argumentation.

  • Swan


    I can certainly understand your feelings. I am still learning about the tricks they used. I still feel anger, betrayal, absolute incredulousness at my own stupidity and for not checking out the facts in my own local library, resentment, loss, guilt, and even remorse. Make sure your safety bar is locked and keep your feet and arms inside the vehicle at all times! Welcome to the incredible rollercoaster of emotions you will find on this board!


  • Blueblades


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