Morman/(JW!!!)HUMOR funny!

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  • lisaBObeesa

    Dropping books from the roof to place them... Michael Jackson's 'Thiller'.... I laughed my butt off........

  • Matt_exmo

    For more ex-Mormon humour, you might like to try

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge


    Oh yeah...can't wait...thanks for the info... I can't wait to bash someone elses religion on an ex-jw site. When are we going after the Catholics? Boy, that will be a lot of about that Pope? And those Lutherans, are they nuts....siding with Hitler during WWII. Also, please email me about any So. Baptist sites...I've got REALLY good material about how they hate Jews (of course it's a few years old, but VERY funny).

  • lisaBObeesa

    Double Edge,

    I guess since you were never a JW you wouldn't get it.

    See... this site I posted about is funny for an exJW to read because it reminds us of ourselves...and it makes us laugh because we used to do this stuff...we have been there and so it is are kinda laughing at is just like us...or like we used to be...only different....sorta...

    Oh never mind....


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