JWs and Other Religions Against Gambling

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  • Kenneson

    This story, in the Deseret News (Salt Lake City), tells of the opposing views to gambling by different religious bodies, including the Mormons, United Methodists, Southern Baptists, Buddhists, Muslims.

    Included is the view of Jehovah's Witnesses as expounded by Richard Wolf, an elder in the North Salt Lake Congregation.


  • Swan

    Richard Wolf, an elder in the North Salt Lake congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, said his church is against gambling and a recent article in a church magazine has affirmed that position.
    "There is no specific commandment in the Bible that says you must not gamble. But the fruitage of gambling is consistently bad, and this rotten fruitage has been exposed by The Watchtower and Awake! for half a century," an official church statement says.
    Gambling fosters a spirit of gain at the expense of others, while the Bible encourages people to work with their own hands, Witnesses believe.

    "Rotten fruitage!" Where do they come up with this lingo!

    "Gambling fosters a spirit of gain at the expense of others." Excuse me! How much do Bethelites earn slaving in your factories? How much money did you receive in contributions in the last year alone? How many people built Assembly Halls and Kingdom Halls for you? How many people have gone to door after door to build your publishing empire?

    Personally, I think the lottery is a tax on the stupid. But cults are the chains around their necks!


    Richard Wolf, North Salt Lake Cong. He was one of the elders on my hubby's JC that DFD him for apostacy(we think apostacy), because my Hubby didn't attend. He's the one that called our home(another elder on the line) on 2 separate occasions after receiving my husband's letter to only contact him in writing(or his lawyer).

    Oh, did Brother Wolf mention that gambling is a DFG offense or am I wrong? I'm confused about this, there's no specific command in the Bible that says you must not gamble???????????????Isn't there an article that tells the R&F this? Doesn't the FLOCK book KS 91' state that gambling is a DISFELLOWSHIPPING offense???????? Don't other articles tell us that gambling is a form of worshipping the god of LUCK?????????

    Did I really dream all this up, help me folks? I don't want to be spreading lies against the ORG, who is already in enough trouble, for it's unscriptual policies, lies, deceit,..............etc.

    Richard(Rick) Wolf..........A WOLF in sheeps clothing?


  • Singing Man
    Singing Man

    Oh, I love to play slotts, they helped me keep sane. Hi Susan.


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