X-Mas Bonus

by Larry 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Larry

    As a Dub, did you accept the x-mas bonus? If so, did you feel hypocritical?

    This is, of course, b4 the QFR came out saying it's ok to do so.

    Peace -

  • zenpunk

    I always returned it - what a dope!

  • NeonMadman

    I never had a job as a dub where I got a Xmas bonus, but I'd have accepted it in a heartbeat. It didn't matter to me what they called it, I viewed it as compensation I had earned. Why should I do the same job as my peers for less money?

    Similarly, I used to get some ribbing from time to time about holidays. You know: "Hey, you don't believe in Christmas, you should come to work tomorrow!" My response was always, "Sure, I'll work tomorrow if you want. I'll work all eight of the holidays if you want. But then I want eight extra days off in the summer with pay." I had no qualms about working on the holiday itself if they wanted, but I wasn't about to work eight more days a year than everyone else for the same pay.

  • Vivamus

    I accepted it, this is after it was said to be okay, and I still felt like a hypocrite. But then again, all the elders did it.

    Anyone else looks back on themselves and thinks: "God, I was pathetic!!!!" ?


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