Strange Moment During The 2015 Regional Convention

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  • BluesBrother
    When I was "in" , I always shied away from trying to explain the 1914 chronology (except on the platform to fellow believers) I thought my reluctance was a shortcoming on my part.... Later I realised that I , along with the rest of them, found it hard is a load of baloney ! Just nonsense!...Typical 19th century Adventist nonsense...
  • 4thgen
    Freeminds hit it right on with "They seem to be making things try to seem light hearted and comical" in addition, when he says that he didn't get it the first time either...was a bit condescending. It was as if to say that the JW's get it, but he doesn't. Bringing that out at a District Convention or whatever they call it now, in that manner was as if one not understanding just didn't have the mental capacity to grasp it. In reality, it's all BS, that's why he didn't get it!
  • Vidiot

    They'll never drop 1914...there's more evidence for 1914 than there is for gravity, electricity, and wind.

    This guy says so:

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I find myself in the strange position of agreeing with Stephen Lett - 1914 is an important date for the WTS and so won't be dropped.

    It will be interesting to see how they keep 1914 embedded in current, ever-changing doctrine. My guess is that since WTS says this date marks the start of 'the last days', the overlapping generations nonsense will be dropped and WTS will simply say that we remain in the last days (using 'a day is thousand years to Jehovah'), i.e. the big A could happen tomorrow or in decades or even in centuries' time.

    Leaving it this vague gives plenty of wriggle room but OTOH it would dampen JW zeal.

  • sir82

    I suspect [1914] will eventually join the growing list of topics too embarrassing to discuss, but too embarrassing to retract *, and just simply be mentioned less and less, eventually ignored & virtually forgotten.

    The SDAs pretty much manged to do this with 1844. IIRC, that is still a key date in their theology, they just don't talk about it much any more.

    * Other examples: 7000-year-long "creative days", carnivorous dinosaurs, geological non-evidence of a global flood 4400 years ago, Jesus as mediator for the "anointed" only, etc.

  • FayeDunaway

    They have to drop either '1914' or 'generation.'

    If they keep 1914 they will soon simply stop highlighting the generation scripture.

    If the religion goes on for another several decades, they will stop mentioning 1914 as well.

  • umbertoecho

    They could get away with saying that the big A is due to start "the day before tomorrow" and no one would notice.

    In my fifty odd years, I have had it pointed out to me in various ways and with some frustration on the part of the person trying to convince me of the accuracy of the society's date.

    When studying, I was told to trust in the wisdom of the org and Jehovah, and my study conductors (one of whom was smarter than the other) Just ended up shaking their heads. You see, I was leaning toward the "unteachable". That is a phrase that is used quite a lot amongst the JWs

  • Ding

    That skit was created by the WTS?

    It looked more like a satire an "apostate" put together, in which case the WTS would have condemned it as hate speech.

  • John_Mann
    I think someday they will drop 1914 and replace it with the advent of Internet being the real Christ parousia.
  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    Just watched the video and the two of those guys seemed a little slow.

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