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  • Scorpion

    Even though I agree with him about the tax system, I am sure in the end he will be serving jail time or huge fines or both.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I should be so brave!

    We wimped out when we bought a sailboat!

    The seller told us if they delivered it to another state we could avoid sales tax. Well of course we did it! Had it docked in a marina in another state.

    Forward 3 years. One of the renters got mad at the owner and turned in everyone to the state! We all got letters saying we owed the state thousands in "User taxes". We didn't know what to do! The Owners of the Marina said it wasn't a law and they were just trying to scare us. Well playing with the government is not one of my favorites.

    We paid the tax.

    Well a few years after we sold the boat I find out that it wasn't even a law! Many didn't pay the tax and no problems came of it! The are STILL trying to pass that law!

    Talk about feeling "Used "... by a "User tax"..

    That still makes me go "GRRRRR!"

    Golden Girl.....

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