August KM--Could someone share with me.

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  • anewlife

    I understand the August KM has a little part about how DF'd ones should be treated. I'd like to read it.

    I've been DF'd for 2+ years now and I heard through my sister that my mother is wanting to contact me, but she's having "trouble" with the decision. She told my sister that she was going to read up on it again to see how perhaps she could "get around it" as I'm her daughter and not just a friend.

    So, if someone could please copy it for me or send it to me via e-mail, I'd be very greatful. I'd like to know exactly what it is my mom will read.

    Thank you!

  • ConnieLynn

    Maybe this will help. Both pages of the KM are in this thread.

  • anewlife

    Thank you ConnieLynn. I missed that thread!

  • Beck_Melbourne

    anewlife - I cannot begin to tell you the mixture of emotions I felt when I read that article. How did you cope reading it?? I haven't heard from my mother for quite some time you recall me boasting about how good she is keeping in touch with me regardless of my DA situation?? I guess she has been given a shake up...and now I know why. The ex has also gone strange all of a sudden, sorry, I should say stranger than usual...he's always been strange. I'm glad you bought this up or I would never have read that article.

    I hope you are well and bearing up...I'll be in touch soon.



  • sunshineToo



    I am DA'd. You may have read my post that my mom was not shunning me and that she insisted having weekly family dinner together.

    Well, yesterday she told me that she would no longer have dinner with me. You guessed it. The Aug.KM! She told me that, too. She said that she is not going to come to my wedding or take any part. We were going to go out to look for my wedding dress. She said that I should do it on my own. And she also told me that I gave in to Satan.

    I am very sad and upset with the WTS. I have read many posts like this before so I was prepared somewhat. But it still hurts.

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  • mann377

    you have us as family now, so stay strong

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