Disarming the Elders...

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  • Stephanus

    ...or any male who has lorded it over you or p***ed you off in any way.
    There is a classic scene in the Red Dwarf episode Better Than Life where the taxman accosts Rimmer with the words:
    "Mr Rimmer?"
    "Mr Arnold JUDAS Rimmer?"
    Try doing this with the name of anyone you've come to dislike (out loud!), and you'll soon be rolling on the floor laughing. For example:
    "Mr Hall?"
    "Mr Fred JUDAS Hall?"
    IMO there's no better way to rob a person you formerly feared for their supposed position in God's hierarchy of their power over you than this!

  • Haereticus

    I tried it and it works, even after thirty plus years.

    Thanks Mark

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