Annointed 144k only male?

by JerryTX 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    144k annointed virgin Jewish males who follow the lamb where ever he goes.

    Ya that sounds exactly like the WTS governing body

    just saying that this whole idea is a big fu*&ing joke on anyone who believes such nonsense.

    What a fu*^ed up thing.

    just my [not so] humble opinion

  • umbertoecho

    I hope it turns out to be "new light". New, sudden, blinding light that pisses every decent JW woman off, because they are the ones who do so much of the preaching work.


    Wow, my sincere apologies for my rude post


  • fulltimestudent
    John Aquila9 days ago

    144k is always male.

    Maybe he's gay and that's his view of heaven.
    cowboy sexy photo:  acowboyquotefourteen.jpg

    Geez, John - you are treading on quicksand, mate!
    After the author of the Revelation, reveals the number of 144,000 who follow the lamb wherever he goes, we are thrilled (joke) to read in 19:7 (NIV) -

    " Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!
    For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready."
    (Not sure if you'd like the honeymoon though, for as soon as Jesus the bridegroom has gotten married, he ups and shoots off to destroy untold millions).
    But I digress, this text brings out the zaniness of so many"faithful" Chrstians who in their imagined "marriage" to Christ seem to reveal an underlying sexual attraction to Jesus. I have a copy of scholarly study on Chrstian writings on the subject and some of these Christians who imagine themselves as part of the "bride" class get very carried away. I'll save it all for another day, as I'm not prepared to send another day writing about it.

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