Visions of heaven

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  • Solace

    Various visions of heaven and the need to believe.

    I found this pretty interesting and thought I would share it.

  • Solace

    I never really gave it much thought as a witness but the idea of heaven has been used to manipulate and control people just as witnesses idea of "the paridise on earth" is used to manipulate them.

    I also find it interesting how different cultures have basically created their own idea of heaven based on their current living conditions, what they were lacking and what would be the most desirable afterlife. The materialistic, 70 virgin wives version of heaven still blowes my mind but it managed to convince some to take their own lives and kill many innocent people.

  • RandomTask

    Thank you Heaven for this information on ... Heaven.

    Really though the methods are not new, just perfected over the years. Humans are such interesting creatures, you could spend a lifetime studying their idiosyncracies and not know 1/10th about them really.

  • Solace

    Random, Thats so true. I suppose the actual methods arent very new, are they? I guess, in a way, the methods are only new to someone when they first realize that they have been manipulated by such old methods.

    Almost makes me want to change my username, ya know?

  • Legendary U.2.K.
    Legendary U.2.K.

    Sorry but the Father Word do not lie, Everybody is not going to heaven... So please stop ignoring 2 peter chapter 3 verse 13 & So Forth...

  • Solace


    Thanks for contributing.

    BTW, I dont remember saying that I was ignoring the scriptures you mentioned.

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