How Dare You

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  • Wolfgirl

    OK, I'm not as good at poetry as some of what I read here, but I thought I would share this:

    How Dare You

    You told me never to tell a lie

    You said that if I did I would die

    Yet you hid the truth for all these years

    And only now do I understand my fears

    How dare you

    You told others what it meant to be a good dad

    But what you were hiding all this time was worse than bad

    Others look up to you, and you play the part

    But they dont know whats really in your heart

    How dare you

    You liked to lord it over me

    When my heart longed to be free

    You claim to be someone to trust

    But all your promises have turned to dust

    How dare you

    What you did was so very wrong

    And how you hid it for so long

    Should fill your heart with guilt

    And destroy the house of cards you built

    How dare you

    If only others knew the truth

    Of how you selfishly stole my youth

    And then because you felt sad

    You said I was the one who was bad

    How dare you

    To sit there and watch you pray

    Each and every single day

    Yet in secret you acted on your lust

    Fills my heart with disgust

    How dare you

    You demanded my respect

    But never took the time to reflect

    That respect is something you must earn

    And now its time for you to learn

    How dare you

    I will not give respect to a man like you

    Who doesnt know how to speak what is true

    I will heal and grow stronger

    You cannot dominate me any longer

    How dare you

    You may be able to fool the others

    Mothers and sisters and brothers

    Into believing that you are sorry for what you did

    But Im no longer that little kid

    How dare you

    I know that its only because you were caught

    That you are acting so distraught

    And that you fear you may have to explain

    To others how you caused me pain

    How dare you

    And even though the family has now taken your side

    You will never again be able to hide

    They had to decide what to do

    And they chose to believe in you

    How dare you

    I really wish that they were stronger

    But at least you cannot hurt me any longer

    I have become what you did not want me to be

    Because I am now finally free

    How dare you

  • ignored_one


    Excellent poem Wolfgirl.

    And thankyou too LadyLee for your poems.

    Ignored One.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Wolfgirl that is so good - sad but powerful

    The betrayal is something I find the hardest to deal with.

    Thank you ignored_one

    Lady Lee

  • bigfloppydog

    What a beautiful poem, very heart-wrenching.

    I do write poems myself, but rarely share them.

    Poems are often very personal to the one who writes them.

    Thank you for sharing yours.

  • SPAZnik

    poignant poem Wolfgirl.

    well done.
    it even rhymes
    (unlike mine)

    i agree with bigfloppydog...poems can be so personal and difficult to share.

    i'm glad you shared yours.

    i'm sobered by the thought of the sad inspiration for this poem.


  • wasasister

    Don't sell yourself short, wolfgirl, you are a wonderful poet.

    I thought of this one change as I read (not that I'm suggesting an edit, but my mind inserted a different word...)

    And even though the family has now taken your side

    You will never again be able to hide

    They had to decide what to do

    And they chose to believe in you

    How dare they

  • Wolfgirl

    Thanks, guys. I don't write often. I wrote that in anger, as you can probably tell.

    Thanks for the edit suggestion. I hadn't thought of it that way before.

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